The Master shall Return

So this was a really weird experience that happens to me just today/yesterday.

On Thursday afternoon I went deep into the woods by my house to try and commune with the old ones. I called nyarlathotep into the trinity triangles I had created and felt a really weird energy after awhile. It was weird and put me into just a weird state of mind.

That night I had a lot of vivid dreams. The one that stands out the most is one right before I woke up. Me and some others were sitting at a table an One of those people was S. Ben Qayin. He looked directly at me, slashed a knife through the scrying mirror on the wall, which filled with a purple flame. He hopped into the mirror, looked at me with eyes burning violet, and said “Summon me again when the time is right. Then the gate will be open and the master shall return” The voice was deep and guttural, the voice used for Azazel on the BoA booktape.

What the hell does this mean? When is the time right? Was this a message from the Old ones? What do you guys think is going on?

Ben Qayin is maybe giving you Spooky Satanic Adventure quests =) just make sure you arm yourself with a few good pairs of D&D dice.

I think the triangle you created was not infused with the proper energy. I don’t really know how much time you have been practicing, but it also might mean A. You are not ready and need more experience or B. You will feel the calling again at a later time.

Don’t ignore it is my opinion, messages like this that carry advice are precious and are there for a reason.

Lots of people on this forum dream about each other, and a lot dream about E.A., and it seems to be a oart of themselves in some cases - for example, a member on here dreamed I quoted some Bible numbers (of verses) at him which is 1. highly unlike me, because I don’t revere the Bible and 2. I don’t have anything like the encyclopedic knowledge of it, that was required for the way the numbers in his dream worked out.

But something did, and it used an image of me to get the message across, so whatever this is, IMO pay attention because it took that form for a specific reason.

I have been thinking a lot about it, and I’ve made little headway. Blaze, I think you’re right with me not having the right energy with the triangle to summon him. In the dream it was S. Ben, and to me he is basically the face of the Old Ones, so I think that’s why they used him to speak to me. Mirrors have freaked me out my whole life, I’ve always seen them as doors to another place, so seeing him step through the door probably symbolized them retreating and leaving me.

I will try to summon the Old Ones again at a much later time, once I have a proper Trinity Triangle. Maybe even wait until after I watch the whole video course. As cool as it is, having a spiritual bootcamp with S.Ben would be really awesome. But I guess this will have to do.

My best of luck to you my brother. I hope you may find success in the near future.I encourage you to please feel free to wright about any workings with the ancient ones in the near future.