The master of miracles (The understanding)

Evocation of spirit into this world is the first steps into transmutation. You are manifesting something from nothing. I have done this with success, with a number of spirits. But there was always a feel that the spirits are holding back waiting for me to ask or truly understand what I was doing. Could it be that Krehl’a’teral known I would end up calling, seeking this knowledge. I had done as told I meditated on the elements every morning, and I was grounded no one could shack me. I was becoming empowered by my birth rite. Yes I understood that the elements an I where one, my physical body consider of them. And by making it known that I understood this shifted the world around me mentality and physically. So why are we here? Why where we so completed to will are self into this world, make a pact with it, and be tested day and night? We did this to test are self in a world that would not give in so easy. Not only are we testing but learning. Its not about the spirits but you, they have not pasted into are world we live in but have watched the game be played. And they help because are knowledge was lost in are passing into this world. We hold the knowledge they do.