The Mark Of The Beast [Ritual of Pain And Blood]

What You Need

• An Athame

• Blood

• A Readiness for Infernal Euphoria

The Rite

Take the Athame and drag it across both your palms in the shape of an X.

Do the Same for Each Forearm around the Middle sections.

When your forearms begin to bleed from the Xs, align the Xs and press your forearms together. See the Pain and blood vibrating at a Violent Red and mingling with each other then vibrate the name Satan Once.

The feeling you get will be indescribable. A mixture of sexual arousal, Fire, Pain, and and Euphoria no drug can match.

This is the Mark of The Beast as a Energy and Power and State of Being.

Allow yourself to get dizzy and possessed by Satan, the Beast, and The False Prophet.

When it stops, say,
I accept the Mark of The Beast.

The feelings will continue and start again, then stop, only to restart over and over.

Bear the Power.
Bear the Glory.

Focus now on your Palms which will be stinging with Pain, and realize your Damnation and Eternal Separation from Weakness and outside means of Salvation.

Become your Own Prophet and Divine your own future. Bring to pass that which you command.

When you separate your forearms, the marks will seem to momentarily disappear :smiling_imp:.

Prepare to Have one Hell of A Time!!



Ok, if one of you guys tries that, just make sure to not go too deep. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why.


Too late lmao

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Why no piccies? :crying_cat_face:


Oh I got em :joy:
Will post soon

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Why doesn’t anyone ever what to be the Whore of Babylon? You get to fuck kings, your ride is super pimped out beast and you are never thirsty.


Lmao I’m inspired now…I just need the Blood of a Few Saints in a chalice and a Nice 7 headed beast to ride on :thinking:

And Edge…
Alot of EDGE

Le Pics


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The palms hurt like hell although I did a simple drag of the Athame over them. The Energy markings are still there

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The euphoria wanes off and on between stinging, burning pain in the palms and a sexual arousal and ecstasy

I’m going to do another ritual tonight where I drag the Athame Across my Ajna and let it Bleed

Blood from different chakras bring different results

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Come to think of it…
Why are you afraid to go full tilt with this? Hmm?

I think what @Vyriz was saying was, don’t cut your palms so deep you server nerves and maybe arteries. Apologies to them in advance if that’s incorrect.

And I mean no disrespect to you personally or your ritual @Micah because i think you have a LOT of potential in magick and a fair bit of drive that will see you fulfil that, but you very obviously didn’t physically cut into your own palms, nor is there any physical blood on them.

Someone new to magick may not realise the power of energies (beginners tend to think the more extreme the better) and slash their hands with a razor, fucking up a finger or three, and ending up in hospital or something.

So maybe that was what that was about? :slight_smile:


So few palm lines… My palms look like vines!


I did not think about that :joy::joy:
At all :joy::joy:

Good Point


That’s exactly what I meant, would be too bad to lose the usage of your hands/arms or your life prematurely


This ritual is a big Nope for me.


Unless Sutekh is that beast and then…drifts to daydreaming

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Cant we just pin prick ourselves and call it the Dot Of The Beast?


If you only knew how much Power and Glory is hidden behind a single Dot…

But I refuse to declare:
I accept the Dot of The Beast
Even the Beast is going to laugh at me.


You really thought I’ll read your palm? :smirk:

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