The Magick of Angels and Demons Grimoire

I’m thinking about purchasing the book, The Magick of Angels and Demons: Practical Rituals for The Union of Power, by Henry Archer. Has anyone done any of the rituals? Is it worth it?


I’ll be buying it tomorrow. Definitely an interesting topic!

Yes!!! The Magick of Angels and Demons work!!! You follow the Ritual Summary directions make your request finish the ritual as shown in the directions forget about the rite you just performed and the Magick Happens!!! I hope Henry Archer put out more books!


I really like the book.


Tried it for 4/5 months.
No results.

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If a demon has power To cause two people to fall in love. Does that mean two seprate people are going to fall in love or a single person who want their crush fall in love for them can use it.

I would understand it to mean both. As in, if you wanted say a friend of yours to fall in love with another friend of yours, you could ask for that.Or you could ask that your crush fall in love with you and you with them. I think the key is in reading over the different powers for each demon and if you think it could work in your situation, then try it. I don’t think the powers are fixed in stone and can be interpreted in many ways.

Yes, I’ve had a lot of good results with this book! With the Lucifer &THD one by Theodore Rose, they’re two of my favourites. Been waiting ages for Archer to release another one but he hasn’t yet. Which is annoying. Unfortunately there isn’t much info available on the Power of Magick book publishers. As in upcoming releases. They used to be on Facebook but not anymore. As I remember, they got attacked by trolls from a particular occult group, and their lackeys, so shut it down. Similar to Corwin Hargrove’s page…

Cause i am also a fan of The Power of Magick books, i check their website from time to time and chris wood said that Henry Archer will be far from publshing book for some time l. But Theodore Rose has written another book but i didn’t read it completely

I also had lucifer and HD but I didn’t get result from it do you have any suggestion about why I didn’t not get result

Did you give the ritual long enough to work? Was the situation difficult? Sometimes things take time. Also magick sometimes doesn’t work. Maybe the situation you were trying to change was too difficult?

Yea I saw that. Maybe Archer is working on something big or maybe he is doing other things?