I have recently completed a 65 page booklet entitled “Summoning the Bloodline” dealings with spirit offerings and darker workings with unknown godforms. All summer i have been editing this thing, preparing it for BALG submission for possible publication into the Anthology of sorcery 2. However, as the editing process continued i discovered that if i removed this or that from the piece, it would appear rather naked and wet in the rain. Shakespeare would have seemed rather disjointed if his words were removed, even just one…

“this is the winter of our discontent, may glorious summers…” remove winter from the formula and you have a rather dull piece of dialog.

and so i will be converting it into PDF for free for all BALG members interested in this topic, complete with sigils, seals, words of power, etc…my whole summer works compiled unto one large black cauldron.

from summoning your ancestors to evoking four gods that will literally change your life.

These “god forms” are very powerful and will bring forth the necessary change in ones life.

my other work that i will indeed submit to BALG publications for review is "Black pearls: Demonic divination through evocation’ bridging the gap between readings of any method(tarot geomancy and I-ching) and spirit evocation. this book will have a 22 card set of demonic beings who preside over future and past/present events unknown until now thus traversing the time/space gap to arrive at a clearer image of ones own life.

this is why i started out the card readings to members to fine tune my method.

the artwork is being done by a friend of mine. her image of belial is quite awe inspiring. hopefully to be ready by February 2015…340p

as a side note, this past Halloween was interesting, apart from having a successful evocation of Belial at 7pm EST, by 9pm the usual kids in the neighborhood came by, not for candy but for egging practice(the usual rituals for kids for many years.)

two kids I know personally were heavily packed with large cartons of buried eggs. the stench could be felt everywhere. they were the same kids from last year. I was prepared for the worst(hosing down rotten eggs is not pleasant)

Instead of the frontal attack they just stood in the middle of street somewhat confused as to their targets. finally, one of them took three eggs and “carefully” placed them at the front of my yard, to my dismay and confusion. these are 14 year olds…he stood over these three eggs for about 30 seconds then walked back to his comrade in arms and they walked away.

I couldn’t believe it…I then thought that maybe it was a spirit offering of some sort controlled by an entity…who knows…in any case I took it as an offering.

hope everyone had a great Halloween…on to turkey

S.V.E,bro you really inspires me each time i read your post.thankz and bless be.

Sometimes, I sit in awe of the caliber of magicians on this site.

Sounds incredible, S.V.E!