The Magic Garden/Plant Spirits

Lets have a thread about gardens!

Where are my fellow gardeners at?? :slightly_smiling_face:

Id love to discuss what we grow and why - and also, how do you find the potency, compared to say the processed, frail spirited wraiths in the spice rack? i find i only like using my own grown these days - unless i absolutely feel i need an ingredient i dont grow. Any stories of interest about connecting with plant spirits? Or spells using the herbs and plant spirits - without evoking a particular entity outside of the plant itself?

For me personally, i have a balance of herbs that can kill and herbs that can heal. My favorite plant i tend is the mandragora - if i were to choose a plant i consider sacred for me in my practice, it would be they, though frankly i love them all (except most succulents :triumph:)

As for a particular plant spirit story of mine comes from the Mullein. I know some here have strict “no substance” rules, but for me on the poison path, i understand substance has a place for me, and context (recreation vs ritual) is important. I found mullein by chance on acid in the woods - i had asked hermes to guide me on my journey - and i just fell in love with it immediately and had no idea what it was, but i just went to it and caressed and nuzzled its soft velvety leaves and paid its energy compliments - it was outrageous. Anyway, i had to have it - im like how my child self was with pokemon - gotta catch em all! - except with plants. So i returned later my sober self left offerings to the forest spirits - just some bread and butter - and snatched that beautiful thing right up. i was amazed when i learned one of its names after identifying it as mullein is “Hecates Torch” - praise! and then, it became a monster! and i felt it - at first a little wild and uncertain of me, but then it was like how a stray cat becomes fat and happy after finding a home - heres it’s progression over the course of a season:
awwe wee bairn

A little growth

and then bam! fucking monster lol this was like after two months.

It was interesting when i had a shitty boss not too long ago - fired now - i would pluck a leaf from the mullein, crunched it up likened to bones popping and took it to work somewhere concealed on my person, he would miss work or just not talk to me the whole day - like straight up avoid me. it was fabulous. i experimented with it a lot. Then he got fired(but thats another story). But the mulleins uses seems to be very far ranging - it can be used with spirits to bring or send away, it can be used in baneful work (some sources say as a substitute for graveyard dirt if necessary), divination or for protection. the leaves can be wrapped around a stick and dipped in oil, making a torch, as also the flower stalk can be used in a similar way.