The Lucifer Chronicles E-books

i noticed that the lucifer chronicles as well as some other titles on the site don’t seem to be available in ebook format. i would very much like it if they were. i know that leather and cloth books are better in many ways because they have there own energy and such. but i simply don’t have that kind of money. also i know that people live with people who would not react well to seeing there roommate / kid/ boyfriend/ girlfriend / whatever reading such a book. if it was in ebook format you could hide it much easier. even bring it to work/ school and read it on breaks. a ebook would be inexpensive, convenient, stealthy, and you could sell many many more. i know it’s a priority for these things to be special but trust me as a proud owner of EA’s compleat works on kindle they are already special.

please consider my words and if it resonates with you and the team then release them on ebook format as well. i can guarantee i would buy them and i feel many others would to.


I agree with you and there are plans for ebooks once the current editions are sold out, but I can’t really say when exactly this will happen.


Hail King Lucifer, they will find the way to us brother. I am also looking to aquire The Lucifer Chronicles in my not too distant future. I read the chapter on Malek Ta’us and am enamoured with the book I didn’t get to read yet, it’s in the works :wink: