The Lord Of Pacts

Hello, dear forum members,
Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this post.

So whilst there is a lot of information on this forum about Lucifuge Rofocale I want to dedicate this post to share my experience with L.R. and also ask you to share your experiences with Lucifuge, and if you want to, talk about offerings, your approach in contact and more specifics.

This will help magicians who are searching for this information as well as practitioners who want to work with Lucifuge.

My Experience:

I came across Lucifuge because of the Videos from EA Koetting and the postings about him. Many months later down the road, very recently actually, Lucifer advised me to have a chat with Lucifuge.

Here is a small overview of information:

  • Lucifuge is related to Lucifer in a way & is also called his dark twin
  • He is the Lord of Pacts and was also called the Lord of excess
  • The meaning of his name corresponds to “he who flees the light”
  • You can read about him in the grand grimoire
  • Offerings that seem to be appreciated are:
    Blood, Whiskey, Vodka, Dried or Spicy Food, Black Candles, Sandalwood Incense

L.R. withholds without a doubt great power and can produce pretty much every result imaginable. There is a saying that Lucifer granted Lucifuge all of the earthy pleasures, which kinda correlates to the lord of excess theme.

Contact with Lucifuge Rofocale: Making contact with Lucifuge is very intense. Personally I was a bit hesitant as there are also a lot of dark rumors about him out there. I have found that there is no need for that. Lucifuge, like every spirit I have encountered, is friendly when approached with respect. Nonetheless, his energy is very heavy and extremely powerful.

Personally, after multiple evocations/invocations, I have worked out a pact with Lucifuge. This pact was done after negotiating the specifics and includes my desires as well as what I am willing to do in return. From my experience, what you can offer in a pact can be pretty much summarized by these categories: dedication, service and or sacrifice. If you have a burning desire, that you truly seek to be fulfilled, the saying “the more you give the more you get” definitely holds truth. Honoring the Spirit daily is something that shows dedication and is also a way of sacrifice, which has shown great results for me.

The sigil that I have used:
The Enn Chating Mantra I have used: Eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale (Dukante)
This is great to listen to whilst meditating and getting ready:

I hope this helps everybody who is searching and inspires those who seek to fulfill their desires. I would love to read about your experience below!

Great Health, Wealth and Power to all of you