The Long Con- Parasites, CreepyHollows, and Novice Mistakes

The binding is the portal that’s what I mean. Most of the companion bindings are linking the entity to you and you to it either using the object as a personal calling or the binding to yourself as it. It’s like paying for a personal phone line to the entity. In this case a personal portal through binding to self or to the object.

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Yeah I guess that is true. I have many portals in my house then. Almost every object in my house is a portal made by reputable sellers.

I only ever bought 4 companion bindings but that’s it. As I don’t really like relying on other people to do my work for me. All my meetings with Deities and other entities have been through my own development of etheric projection. These 4 I only got because I wanted to test the legitimacy of some sellers and I don’t care much for money if it’s something cheap lol. When a seller thinks their bindings are invisible I usually get the urge to test them out.


I wonder how people who do not believe in external spirits feel about this. Are they selling us a piece of their subconscious? Does that mean more powerful magicians have more powerful versions of the gods with them. So it would be worse to buy a binding from a new magician(though they may be very skilled in binding) as opposed to an extremely powerful one, because that fragment of them is stronger?

Well there’s some sellers who pull their stuff from Dungeons and Dragons so it’s not impossible for someone to be sold a thoughtform which in technicality is a piece of the creator’s personality either conscious or unconscious aspects.

I find if a person cannot deal with the entirety of the Deity in all its aspects then the Deity will most likely just either ignore them or show only the aspect a person wants to accept.


I have been warned to stay away from lesser entities and if I summon and work with them on purpose I have to deal with the consequences alone.

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So are you suggesting that people bind the aspects that they mostly work with?

That makes sense

No, more like someone can be unaware or aware of the fact they sell people thoughtforms and think it’s actually a entity and such. My ‘companions’ were all claimed by the sellers to be spirits of the dead entities that their souls moved on but their spirits remained, but the entities themselves have claimed they are not dead and still living their lives in their respective homes. I honestly don’t believe the spirit is left behind after death and the soul moves on because the spirit is just another term for the soul.


oh I see. i usually buy immortals that those people usually work with. For example, if they have rituals with a specific entity, then I can make an educated assumption that they probably work a lot with them.

That works, I never bought a deity one. especially if all their information is what can be found on google lol. However, if they can tell me something not wrote down from an article then I would be capable of looking into the deity myself and learning from a personal standpoint.

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My goal is to have as many deities around me from as many different religions as possible.

Do they stay around you or do they leave/are gone more than being there?

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I can call them and they can come.

Do they always come or is there times they don’t?

I cannot hear or see them. That’s what I am working on right now.

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Thing is, I have many entities around me and I call them, but I have never had a supernatural experience in my life. Even during evocations and rituals.

Which would be the point of controlling it. If E.A. wasn’t homeless in a graveyard, I don’t think he would be as skilled as he is currently (not to dick ride him).

Two completely different scenarios we’re referencing. Not all challenges are fulfilling. If it doesn’t push you, I don’t think it would hold the same effect. If you can’t control it and the kitchen is too hot, then.


Glad to hear you were able to pull yourself out of that situation, sounds like it was pretty damn tough. Seems like you’ve emerged wiser and stronger, so the time certainly was not wasted at least.

This is also why I value results first, “supernatural” experiences second. Any old parasite can wow you with some sensations if you feed it enough attention and energy, but it takes real power to cause substantial changes in the world.

This was actually a predominant theme in my workings with Lucifer a few months back. It took me quite some time to come to trust him like I do now. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, while remaining cautious and skeptical, and he kept coming through with tangible results time and time again.

It’s easy to mistrust when you’ve been burned by those closest to you many times before, whether those be humans or spirits, so I wanted to share my experience with this. There are good ones out there.


I gave Murmur permission to stay until all offending entities were judged accordingly.

Had a dream that… lets just say what I wanted more than anything. Not lucid, but vivid. Near the end the ‘jig was up’ and there was an entity wearing a shirt that said SECURITY. Lol funny now I think on it.

After that point, there were five loud crashes around the house, and then 5 knocks. My friend woke me up to see if Id heard it. Slept through it, which is odd for me to do.

He’ll be posting his side of things and details from this incident at some point today. I’m confident it was Murmur finishing the task, as the last two ‘offenders’ were gone for the ritual, and im confident they sought to come back via my dreams