The Loki Chronicles

Hi guys! So if you’ve seen my other thread here, you know I generally work with Loki. But I’m really diving deeper into things with him. And I think it’s time I create a space that’s more focused on my workings with Loki.

To give a brief overview of what’s going on:

Loki and I have been working together for a year. Prior to this, I never really worked with spirits. I’d deal with them in passing. Talk to them and whatnot. But Loki gave me a new perspective on entities entirely.

At this point, most of what I do magically involves Loki in some way. Really, nearly daily, I try to do something that involves him in my life. Though I find, that he will pop up on his own if I become forgetful.

We’re currently working to improve my clairaudience and energy sensing. But, I can now read tarot so much better than before with his guidance. He’s been dragging me through different lower realms in the astral, per my request. We’ll test the waters of necromancy soon.

I’ve just asked him to take me to Jotunheim. I’m extremely curious to see his home. He said yes, but later.

But all in all, Loki is more than just an entity or god I work with.

He’s my ally and friend. And opening up my life to him was one of the best decisions I’ve made.


Hi! So Loki has been a bit more touchy-feely lately. Lol.

He scared the life out of me and grabbed my leg yesterday. I was searching all over, trying to figure out why a hand just grabbed me. Then he’s just there.

I’ve noticed that more often than not, he’ll poke me or do something along the lines to get my attention now.

Tonight I’ll read tarot with him.

Omg, it’s been so long. I hopped countries again, and I’ve just gotten settled in. But I do need to make a few updates on Loki, and I’s works.

So I was reading around and everyone was like don’t focus on anything but results with a deity. I realized that I hadn’t seen any tangible results in a quick second and wanted to try something new with Loki. Money magick.

  • Asked for a Specific Amount of Money - Around mid-July, I told Loki that I really needed 2k within two weeks. Twas delivered at the 11-day mark. It was from work. But it was unexpected and was more like a bonus.

  • Money Delivered Within 2 Hours - So I was waiting to be paid. We had been told there would be serious delays. But my trip was a few days away at this point, and I was freaking out. I ended up all teary-eyed, begging Loki to fix it, and within an hour or so, I got a notification that the money came. The whole time I was crying asking him to fix it, he was all smirky like “You’re really freaking out for no reason”.

I usually use Fehu for all things money. But lately, I’ve just been turning to Loki for anything.

I’ve been pretty busy these last two weeks. But he’s hung around here and there. I know he’s waiting on me to actually talk to him. Will do soon enough. Just thought I’d give you guys a quick update on the works.

Guys, so I asked Loki for a thing. And then a thing kind of happened. And then like five minutes later a spider crawled on me.

And as I tried to not have a heart attack, all I could think was his name. Twas the first thing to pop in my head when I saw the spider.

Now, this was kind of what i asked of him a month ago. Hard, hard kind of. Veering into the “grasping for straws” territory. But, the spider was definitely him. So it’s time I call to him and see how it’s going.

I usually try not to doubt things. But, I do also try to remain 100% objective to what occurs around me. Not everything is a sign, not everything is godsent.

I will say, Loki loves playing games with this mentality. And if I had a dollar for everytime he’s played a prank just to play it again like “ha, you don’t learn”, I’d buy him a custom made talisman. So, yeah.

Anyways, all in all, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. I have a feeling someone isn’t appreciating my silence. But I’ve been busy :melting_face:

So I was talking to Loki and basically told him after the fact that if he wanted me to read further with tarot he’d need to make it happen. I planned to lay down, meditate, and hang out with him in general.

Well, per the usual, Loki gets his way, I ended up reading tarot for two people close to me for an hour or more.

I feel a lot more confident in my reading. I know he’s wanted me to believe in myself more.

I had his talisman with me the whole time. And he hung out to watch. Ugh, I cannot express how much I appreciate the changes he brings to my life, the situations he creates, and the gifts he gives. He’s been the driving force behind helping me understand divination deeper than I ever could.

Thanks be to Loki, my god, and my hero :innocent:

Haven’t updated this in a bit. I’ve been kind of busy, and unfortunately, Loki hasn’t been so active around me either. However, I blame myself for not reaching out. I did last night just to tell him I miss him being active in my life, and I heard him say I know before a warm, calm energy washed over me. I’m juggling a few things with the occult and my ideas, goals, etc. But I’ll call to Loki tomorrow and meditate with him properly.