The Locust Swarm/ Beelzebub?

This Summer in Las Vegas (where I reside) there was a huge swarm of locusts the week of my birthday…
locust link
One In Kenya last month Kenya Locust link
Last year, my satanist friend gave me a list of names and asked who I connected to the most, I picked Lucifer and Beelzebub, subconsciously. I never knew what beelzebub looked like, but when I googled him, I felt like it was a mistake,

I completely forgot about Beelzebub until this past month… I’ve been getting an abnormal amount of insect visitors. Like they appear out of no where. I’ll be on my laptop and suddenly I see a centipede running up my arm! I’ll be crying outside to my guardians and a ladybug with 5 dots lands at my feet (Significant because my tarot cards say I have 5 guardian spirits)… I wished to start creating more with my hands, specifically fashion, and a black spider appears at my craft desk the next day… Black beetle crawled toward me as I was doing a tarot reading…
I wonder why i’m getting so many insect visitors lately?

Side note- Apparently Locusts come to warn about pandemics, and it’s interesting that there is the corona virus, same month as the Kenya Plague. Weird correlation,

Idk if any of this made sense, I’m just brainstorming :sweat_smile:
Maybe some of you have some insight?
PS I hope this is in the correct category!


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Locusts are traditionally associated with Abbadon…that being said “Beelzebub” originally translates to “Lord of those who fly” in Hebrew not “Lord of Flies” as it has been mistaken for. So I can see any insect with wings being connected to Beelzebub


When i watched ea koetting’s beelzebub video, I got a fly in my bedroom which has not happened in years

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Yea, I heard of the translation being “Lord of those who fly”, and assumed it related to spirits who can pass through different planes,
Like spirits of the dead… But also heard beelzebub is connected to insects as well.
I’ve never been introduced to Abbadon, I will have to do some research on him. Thanks for the insightful information Tiberus :smiley:


Locust aren’t really linked to Beelzebub, that’s flies. in the story of when the Abyss opens it would start with locust as harbingers of Abaddon the Destroyer. As the Abyss is said to be home to Abaddon/Apollyon.


Ughh I had a visit from a fly too, all these critters hover by my books by my bed…
Hmm I gotta check out the video, hope I find it n_n

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they have a lot of beelzebub videos. Not sure which one

Thanks for the clarification.
That’s interesting, My group of psychic friends and I have been mentioning the abyss A LOT these past few months…it keeps popping up in conversation when we are exploring the outdoors at night.
Mostly this quote keeps popping up, “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you”.

Is Abaddon/Apollyon staring back? :smiley: