The limits of a demon or entities

Are demons clever? Like, they can give us knowledge, or make us smarter ?? teach us about various subjects like math, physics? Give us more ability in something ?? What are the limits ?


They can’t “give” us abilities, but they can help us develop them.


According to Ars Goetia, most of the 72 have a field they can teach you. In practice this is an understatement, if you have the capacity to learn from them.


Yes they can help us become smarter, wiser, cooler etc… However they can’t teach you how to shoot lasers through your eyes if that is what you are expecting lol


More than words can express.

They can do more than this.

Yes. I have me a lil brother with very bad handwriting, it was a familiar I sent to help change his bad to good handwriting. He’s cool now.

Yes, if you know the way. You should know that the 72 Demons in the Goetia aren’t all the Demons that exist.
I remember one that I called, telling him I want to be able to do so-so thing. He asked should he help me do it or bestow it on me? I said I want it bestowed on me, not that I would keep going back to calk him each time I need this ability. Then he brought out a Big Crystal Ball, opened it, brought out something like an injection, and I was injected (all I felt was hot temperature). So they can do more.

No limits. There are among them those who can raise the dead. But it’s a powerful rites to perform.


Hell yes! Bad pun intended.