The LHP and the Law of One

Despite being an LHP magician, I’ve looked to the Law of One books (the Ra contacts) as a sort of guide in much of my metaphysical understanding. Ra was decidedly a positive entity in these books, but the Law of One itself “blinks neither at the dark nor the light.”

So, I’m wondering if there are other black magicians here who consider the Law of One to be a part of their spiritual outlook and, if so, how does that inform your LHP practice, if at all?


I’m too much of a beginner in magic to speak of how Law of One affects my magic practice.
But I read the books a few months ago and I find the ideas very intriguing.

What didn’t resonate with me was the idea that in choosing a negative polarity a soul will eventually be forced to take a positive polarity to continue to evolve.
I understand where Ra is coming from - that the One consciousness is learning what it is & is not, and it will eventually reject its negativity… it makes some sense… But isn’t it a funny paradox that the freedom of choice in polarity would inevitably be denied?

An idea that resonates with me more is that the God-consciousness exists in duality. It is the light AND the dark.
When speaking to one of my guides about this idea, he told me that Source is the light and the dark, the pestilence and the cure.
People often will find more relief in the cure of course… in the experience of life when we tend to celebrate the relief of suffering rather than celebrate suffering. But the suffering and the relief are both Source.

I’m still unpacking the meaning of this and how this affects our morality of course. It makes my head spin but I enjoy it.

Also in my personal experience, offering love/positivity to negative/parasitic entity did not work. It wasn’t deterred at all.
And as far as demons being of the negative polarity and would therefore be deterred by being shown love, doesn’t strike true to me either. :slightly_smiling_face:

What I really loved about Ra’s insights is the understanding of creation existing in these never-ending octaves - the end of one level being the a beginning of the next.

I would love to hear more of your insight though, Mornaug. :pray:


I like the way you’re thinking :thinking:.


Ah, but it is not denied. The entity then has the choice of staying where they are or moving forward. The choice toward positive is only required if one is moving forward toward the “higher” densities, because to experience Unity requires giving up the idea separation. Yet there is still a choice. :slight_smile:

Yes, according to the Law of One, Source contains both (or All). But the fact that it contains both means there is no real separation. This is why, inevitably, the negative would need to be released, because it’s premise is one of separation, and it, in reality, is a false and limited point of view. (Not to be confused with “untrue” or “bad!”)

In my own practice, I don’t see this as a problem. Since I agree personally with the idea of the Law of One, I believe I practice the LHP without actually polarizing negatively. I don’t use it for power or manipulation, but for protection and knowledge (and, hopefully, wisdom).

I imagine this doesn’t sit well with those on the LHP who accept someone like Aquino’s point of view who believed that the self is “non-natural” and that Set was “self-created.” There is nothing outside Source, so this never made sense to me.

Same here! This is one reason I love these books. There is a great deal of wisdom of a higher level, in my opinion, to be learned from them.

Actually, Ra would agree with you. They told Don during the sessions that it was something he could do, but they would not be affected by it.

What it can do, however, is cause the entity to lose some polarity, because the gain in negative polarity is based on how much control and manipulation that entity is able to exert on another. They don’t respond positively to “love and light,” but they don’t manage to gain in negative polarity, either, which is their goal.

I guess it would depend on what level the battle is taking place!

I don’t remember reading that they would be deterred, only that they would lose polarity.

It may depend on the spirit, too. I’ve found that some are far more negative than others! They, like us, are individual, and there would most likely be different levels of polarization.

Great thoughts! Thanks for getting me thinking on this one!


Interesting concept the law of one. Which writers/ authors are the best to explain it?


The original transcripts from the sessions themselves. You can read them for free here (although I highly recommend getting hard copies). They have other material on that website that is very helpful, too.

Most “channeling” on the internet is BS, but this particular experiment is similar to any magician contacting a spirit, as they started with the LBRP.

This is the real deal, which you’ll be able to tell once you start reading the sessions.

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Thank you for the thoughtful reply, Mornaug!
I’m on my phone and I don’t know how to quote properly in my phone browser…

I really love contemplating Source and the One creator.
It makes sense that light is overpowering dark, and therefore eventually a negative path would have to join a positive path to continue its evolution.

I have minimal experience working with spirits and entities.
When I was a teenager my mind got really crowded, it made me feel crazy. So I blocked all spiritual communication. I’m very careful about who I will open my mind up to these days.
I’ve only encountered two negative/parasitic entities that I know of…
It was my understanding that in wanting to preserve their polarization that showing love/light will banish anything on the negatively polarized, but that’s certainly an oversimplification on my part. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It has been my experience this is the case. I actually had one in the flesh living with me. Eventually the positivity caused it to leave.

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Yeah, that’s a popular point of view, but if that were correct, we could easily vanquish all the negatives on the planet. Unfortunately, they’re very much alive and well, and in my experience, it takes a LOT more to get rid of them – some more than others!

They do lose polarity, however, if you don’t allow them to manipulate you in any way. Sometimes that can be pretty damned difficult, but if you manage to stay unafraid and impervious to emotional and physical attacks, they will lose polarity. Most of the time, they just leave, regroup, and come back at a different angle.

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You were fortunate in that, most likely, it was a “low-level” negative entity or parasite. If you deal with the Kings or Dukes who control legions, that won’t do squat. :slight_smile:

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It looks like it’s written from an RHP perspective @Rav.

I’ve followed the thread with interest but I’m not going to subscribe to the view myself.

My work with sitrah ahra is showing me something entirely different.

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If you’re referring to the Law of One material, Mike, it’s actually beyond both polarities. The being that spoke through this channel is neither positive nor negative, which is the whole basis of the teaching. It’s for those who no longer see the need for only one side of the tree. :wink:


i agree with every word in your replies here. you make so much sense to me. thank you.