The lessons are coming

So this is some instructions in the visions I got just reading the material for a few days. I thought I would put this out here. I have no idea if Dante states any of this material anywhere I am just suprised already.

The energy of surrounding people can be directly circulated and taken from their aura, has anyone tried this ?

what you put in this are interesting  (I finally received a copy yesterday, and reading it, I find more "insights" than the explicitly written... I find I'm understanding something, and noting it down and realize its not exactly what is there- but it is implied 

(I actually was doing that in the while before it arrived- I had problems it being sent- but watching the video interviews and Dante’s comments… I have notes before even receiving the book, espec relating to activating ‘reliquary’ gateway-singularity (and the different ways-implications he uses that one term for). I wonder how much allegory is used, but at least the 3 “story-visions” had a number of layers in them. (even the “rites” even if meant literally had symbolism- and impact just from reading)

I found downloading occurred (even see flickers of characters of text, diagrams and “cartoon-like” scenes in mind’s eye, at times- and now writing this)… my concepts weren’t quite they same as you mention, so I didn’t comment before.

<interesting idea of an entire other layer of “unrelated” meaning, a second-text… which actually is commented upon explicitly in the text as part of his exper- so his mentioning it, as it is occurring? not sure, but as you end: “Interesting shit”>

Am I to understand Dante’s book instructs you to take in death essence?

Euoi, I sense you are intending something, but does the question your wrote make sense?

(it might not be what you mean, but sometimes there is a tendency, people ask: XYZ can be summed up as ___, that sentence explains it all?) - if you mean is that what is it all about? depends what you mean- if you are, in a sense, asking is the bk about necromancy about necromancy?

(if you mean is it essentially exercises like empyrean93 wrote about above? then, no, which is why empyrean93’s post is listing it here, as visions received… its not just repeating what is in the text)

You’re overcomplicating the matter. All I asked is if Dante’s book includes instructions to bring death essence into the body. A simple yes or no would suffice.
I only ask because that is what I thought the op was getting at. If I misunderstood, then my apologies to the op.

understood- but "to bring death essence into the body" could be interpreted many ways (in Dante's interviews his references a few different ones... 

thus my implying the “A simple yes or no” wouldn’t be clear
(so it would only be yes/no to what you assume that statement to mean)
- ie bringing ‘the Death-Current into your life’ <a phrase referencing ‘engaging in this work’>, may not mean (in terms of this particular bk: Necro-Sorc) more-diff… [for ex his use of the term “a singularity” in this is quite different than I’d heard it used before, although it makes sense… in context]

if you, Euoi (vs all others that might read this), only intended empyrean93 to reply, or someone else, we’ll see those replies.

“Bring death essence into the body” is straight forward. Again, you’re overcomplicating the matter by pointing ambiguity that is only being reflected upon because you decided to mention it.
Now please, unless you’re going to answer the question, stop your replies to me.

Empyrean, Death essence of the type of energy that consumes the dead.b if you go to a graveyard and meditate, that coldness you feel is the energy gathering around you.
But honestly, I wouldn’t use Dante’s book for mastery. I’m still waiting for the pdf so I haven’t taken a look, but if he claims that he became seriously ill due to his necromantic works, I’m not sure how much of master he is.

Sure, but sometimes a simple “yes” or “no” is nice too and can be as effective ! :slight_smile:

taokua tends to do that, even though his posts are fucking hard to read, he does seem to know what he is talking about.

Does he? I honestly couldn’t guess because his cryptographic posts have been known to make ordinary people temporarily dyslexic.

As Empyrean93 refs, there are a lot of diff definitions, but I sense that what is in Dante’s bk (and other such nfo-currents) is more below the surface (could be disturbing if done literally, but even then the simple answer to the simple question is no).
I was thinking about Taoist/even the literal “rei”-ki and the art of the Aughads, but I think my contribs aren’t adding to this.
(strange to read the comment “I don’t think he crossing the line too bad lol.” -implying don’t agree and then next- to write you don’t know what is meant by that term either…)

but if someone wanted to msg a particular person either direct to that indiv or else not seek to have the first and last response.. I don't mention for this thread as much as for this forum.   It seems the death-energy might have stultified the thinking for the last few months, I wonder if it will change.  

[quote=“empyrean93”]I don’t think he crossing the line tooo bad lol.

I don’t belive that “Death Essence” is really talked about in such a specific way. I could be wrong,
I don’t really know what “Death Essence” is, I could speculate.

I believe the interview pretty much sums it up. Big ups DantE!!![/quote]

But there was a lot I found in the videos/interviews that Dante did, but not what was actually said (just repeating my prior comment in this post), but different approaches can bring the discoveries and injection of/contribution of something new. -so I found reading another’s thoughts on this interesting.

Salute to Empyrean93 for Svoboda ref, and how that can expand the Dante, EA, and other currents, into a larger whole.