The legendary Prince Orobas and Solomon's 72 spirits of the Goetia

This is intended to be a book of magick and a collection of experiences with the spirits of the Goetia.

This is dedicated to Prince Orobas, the 55th spirit of the Goetia.

Special thanks: The President Amy, for showing me how to write with my heart, head and hands.

The Order of the Black Horse

My three great teachers: Jess, Jere, Tony.


Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!

Hail Prince Orobas
55th spirit of the Goetia

Who is Prince Orobas? Well the short answer is he’s a legendary divination spirit Par Excellence. He has under his command 20 legions of demons. It is said, and I do attest, that he gives true answers to things past, present and future. He confers dignities and reconciles friend and foe. I know this much is true.

But who is he really? Who is he to me? He began as an an angel but his destiny wasn’t to serve in a choir. I’m going to tell you more about this later in the book… I’ll tell you what he told me. You can decide for yourself.

Who is he to me? Ive known him 21 years and he’s been a steadfast ally and companion through all the bumpy ride this life has been. He’s never abandoned me, he’s my closest confidant, my most trusted advisor and in many ways my best friend.

Let me tell you Abit about him. I’m actually sitting with him as I write this. You see our custom is at dusk I bring his seal out from the safe place I store it and I pour him a drink. He likes most red wines, black coffee, liquor, especially Brandy. I light a candle and a piece of incense in front of his seal and light him a cigarette. I then play a sad song from Spanish guitar, he also likes middle eastern, North African or other latin sounds.

I tell you he has his own thoughts, feelings, likes , dislikes, hopes and ambitions. Before you tell me spirits don’t have feelings I’d like you to take a walk through Greek mythology. Just a casual look at those spirits reveals the depth and scope of thier passions.

Something I need to mention about the Prince. He absolutely detests dishonesty. It makes him very angry if a magician attempts to trick or decieve him.

What are you going to learn from reading this? Well I hope many things. I’m going to write my philosophies and actual methods of operation in working with the spirits.
I’m certainly not going to tell you much about how Tom, Dick, and Harry do things. The methods I give you are tested and if they don’t bring results they go straight into the garbage can where they belong.

I hope the coming chapters are interesting and informative.


This is super, thanks for sharing. Look forward to more.


Chapter 2

A note to the reader: this book will feature one chapter of practical, hands on magickal instruction followed by a chapter relating to an experience with a Goetic spirit. This book is an electronic copy of my physical book.

The Magick Wand: a tool for a Magician.

First let’s talk about tools a little bit. Are they necessary? Simply put, no. Do they help a great deal? Yes they do.

Think of a tool as training wheels on a bicycle. They are an aid to the magician. If you don’t have a wand don’t freak out or panic, use your first two fingers pointed straight out. This is how you will be directing etheric and astral energy during rituals like the LBRP, LRH, ect. I myself use the wand. Probably because I like using tools since I learned magick from the ceremonial side of things.

Now wands are used all over the world even in our modern day in various professions. Think of a conductor conducting his symphony. The traffic cop and his baton, the policeman and the billy club, the executive with a laser pointer during a business meeting. The wand focuses your attention on a single point.

You want to practice magick? Let’s get you a wand.

This was my first wand.
This is an outer order of the golden dawn wand. It’s intended to teach the student how to banish and invoke. I used this wand for my first years in practice. It’s a good wand and it’s easy to make. Anyone seeking information on that feel free to PM me.

Here’s another wand the golden dawn uses which is very beautiful an flashy…but this is NOT what we’re after here.

images (3)

Here is my current wand.

This was a piece of bamboo shoot that I cut, sanded and painted. Then I attached a beaded fire agate to the tip. All purpose wand.

I’m going to give you three methods of getting yourself a serviceable wand. Couple specifications, your wand should be 12-16" in length and approximately as big around as your index finger or thumb.

Option one: go online and find something that looks cool to you and calls to you. Use your intuition. If you go this route chances are you’ll have a very attractive tool, much more so than if you did it yourself. But the drawback is it won’t have your energy in it. You’ll need to sleep with it under your pillow 7-9 days to attune it to yourself.

Option two: a trip to the construction depot. This is how I made my first wand. Find a dowel rod of the specifications listed above, sand it well, apply gesso, and two coats of acrylic paint. Easy breezy.

Option three:. The best option. On a Tuesday during the hour of mars preferably go on a walk in the woods. Bring a small saw with you perhaps. Look for branches that could be cut and formed into your wand. Be guided by your intuition. It’s completely ok to have a knobby gnarled wand. If you can find an elder tree or oak tree this is best. Take your prize home, sand and paint.

Now you’ve got a wand, what are you going to do with it? First I tell you to sleep with it 7-9 days under your pillow. Don’t allow others to handle it. Store it in your altar or wrapped in silk.

How are you going to use this tool? On everything! I banish, invoke, and evoke using my wand very regularly. When I conjure a spirit and point my wand at the spirits seal and speak my will the spirit knows I mean business.

Pro tip:. If you aren’t having fun and being inspired and excited by practicing magick you’re doing it wrong.

Take your wand and direct the forces of the universe that are also present within you. This is your royal perrogative.

“Somebody get this guy a wand” - King Bael…:laughing::laughing:


A tribute to Prince Orobas


Chapter 3
The Phoenix with a heart of gold

It was winter of 2020 and it had been winter in my heart for many years. The previous years had been hard and marked by loss, loss of my wife to cancer, my mother had passed shortly after that, and then covid had effectively shuttered my once flourishing business. I hadn’t practiced magick regularly in quite some time. I was over weight with a real risk of developing diabetes and hypertension, I slept to much to try to numb the pain of a miserable and hopeless existence. I needed my life to change, I needed to change.

I discovered BALG in the spring of 21 and immediately woke from my long slumber. The energy and ideas of my fellow magicians steeled my resolve to do better.

I consulted with some of my new friends and decided that I needed to rise from my own ashes, I needed the power of Phenex. The spirit named Phenex that is.

I rehearsed the ritual few times as I was Abit rusty at evocation but got my balance quickly enough. I called forth the spirit in a simple but beautiful garden outdoor setting at sunrise on a Sunday. Immediately when the spirit arrived I sensed a warm and kind presence staring at me. I sensed colors shifting red to yellow, yellow to green and then blue and white and back to red.
“How can I assist you”. I sensed from Phenex. That’s the best way I can describe it. I couldn’t hear spirits especially well at that point but I could feel the spirit anticipate my request and that it was welcome.

I told Phenex everything that was wrong with my life. I tried hard not to rail against the perceived injustices I’d felt I’d been done and just stay focused on the facts.

Then came the formal charge I charged Phenex to transform my heart into the man I’d been years ago when my practice was at it’s prime and I was in the fullness of life and health. Then I gave license to depart and slept.

I slept long and deeply with strange colorful dreams. Over the next few weeks it became apparant that I had in fact changed. I felt more and more like my old self. The curtains of time were pulled back bringing me to a restore point within my own soul.

Gone were the days of being a victim to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, gone was the need to blame. I was myself again, my better self and boy did I have a messy life to put order to… immediately.

It was at this time I re initiated contact with Prince Orobas who had been watching from the sidelines. I was assured we’d both move on together.

Hail Marquis Phenex you have my gratitude for your spiritual renewal and healing.


Chapter 4

The dream journal: you’re personal guide to the spirit world.

Ok so you still want to practice magick and evocation of spirits. Let’s outfit you with another potent tool of the trade. Your dream journal.

Spirits manifest in our world in a variety of ways, however doing so causes them to expend energy. An easy way for a spirit to contact us is in the dream world. This is most successful when. We actually know what’s going on in our dreams.

Go to the store and purchase a nice new notebook and a good gel pen. Position your night stand close to your bed so all you have to do is turn over to access your pen and journal.

Each night before bed place a fresh glass of cold water on your nightstand with the intention that it aid spirits in thier communication with you. Do not drink this water, pour it down the drain each morning. This water is a conduit for a spirit and a source of vital energy.

Before we get started with DreamWorks I strongly advise you create a pentegram on a sheet of white paper and place it under the mattress of your bed. Do this with the intention of protecting yourself from evil spirits. The chances of being accosted are about as rare your typical nightmare is but safety first I say. Refresh your paper pentegram every two months.

images (3)

Now you may say " mike I never dream". I assure you that you do, you just don’t remember it. Everything I’ve read about dreaming indicates that we forget our dreams within 30 sec to five minutes of waking.

It is mission critical that immediately write down anything you can about your dreams, even if it sounds like nonsense. Analyze later write first. The ability to recall your dreams is something like a muscle,the more you flex it the stronger it becomes. If you do this for 30-45 days you will be able to consistently and with clarity recall your dreams.

If you plan to evoke a spirit watch your dreams carefully in the days before and after your evocation. There is a chance the spirit will contact you in your dreams. This is a great way to look for call signs and other messages from spirits until you’ve developed your clairaudience. Something we’ll discuss later.

Dream on, dream until your dreams come true…


Note: These stories are NOT in chronological order.

Chapter 5

Andromalius catches a serpent

I was in a crummy part of town in a crummy apartment with a friend and his friend. We were having some drinks and relaxing. One of them told me about a watch they had that were selling. Everything sounded real good. I wanted that watch especially at the price that was being proposed.

I listened to glib man and his spiel that he needed the money to buy medicine for his children. I felt sympathy for him. I gave him the agreed on sum and he left to go fetch the watch.

An hour passed and two…I’d been had by a slick talking hustler. My own greed and avarice bit me in the ass. :laughing:

Furious, mostly with myself. I thought to call on a spirit known to help. I asked my friend for a piece of paper and a candle. I used my phone to look up to the enns and seal of the great Andromalius.

I felt awkward and slightly embarrassed that I had an audience of a muggle but I decided that if I was going to lose that money I was going down swinging.

I called on Spirit Andromalius and entered a light state of trance, it was the best I could do in present company. I saw a fat looking Greek man with great fatty jowls hanging from his face. He wore a simple brown robe with a hood up. In this state of reverie I gave the spirit it’s charge. Bring back my money or my watch immediately and cause punishment to the wicked thief until it was returned.

I saw the Greek magician catch a yellow big snake by the head, he shook it and scolded it verbally pointing his sausage thick fingers in its face as he spoke. He really gave the snake a good dressing down, castigated it.

I gave license to depart and had a beer. Within twenty minutes the slick talking man returned with apologies at being delayed. He did in fact have the watch, not the one that was agreed upon but a different, attractive watch within the price point I had I paid.

I accepted a fair trade as no robbery. I learned to watch my greedy impulses as they exposed me to loss through fraud and theft. Lesson learned. I have a strange intuition that perhaps Andromalius was a human magician. That’s pure UPG and speculation, take it with a grain of salt. I do too. :grin:. All’s well that ends well.

Hail Earl Andromalius thank you for your assistance.


Chapter 6

Some good reading material you should consider.

Here’s a brief list of books most of them I read in my early 20s. This list is by no means complete there are plenty of good books I probably forgot to add to the list or never read.

I’m providing this to you because I think the knowledge contained there helps promote a solid magickal practice.

Initiation into hermetics (by far one of the best)
Sacred magick of the angels
3 books of occult philosophy
The heptameron
Creative visualization - Shakti Gawain
Communing with spirits - Coleman
Modern magick - DMK
777 - Crowley
Morals and dogma - Pike
Secret teachings of the ages - M. Hall
Anything by author “Ophiel”
The arbatel
Astral dynamics
Psychic self defense - r.bruce
The unquiet dead - fiore
Sepher yetzirah
Book of ratziel
Wisdom of the mystic masters - Weed
Summoning spirits - Konstantinos
My life with the spirits - Duquette
Greater key of Solomon
Lesser key of Solomon

These are some great titles. Check them out if you have the opportunity.


There are only two on that list I haven’t read lol


I feel like I just skimmed the surface of what were actually good reading materials. My memory just isn’t what it used to be. :grinning:


Chapter 7

The Marquis Amon:. Tying a knot in the man’s penis.

My foster mom had a very turbulent and tumultuous relationship with a man. She one day came to me for help regarding the relationship. You see, the man had wandering eyes and the fidelity of a wild dog. She wanted him to stay true to her and be attentive to her needs.

To perform this little miracle I enlisted the help of my favorite legendary spirits, The Marquis Amon.

This spirit is steeped in mystery, is he really Baal Hammon, that is Baal of Hammon we really don’t know much. I’ll tell you how he comes on when I evoke him. In my mind I see a dark ancient temple. There is a stone sarcophagus on a stone podium. The sarcophagus opens to a wide crack. Black smoke roils out of the coffin and takes the shape of a robed man with an ornate headdress.

His voice sounds like a gust of wind coming through thick, dusty cobwebs.

The Marquis Amon is here.

He’s very strong and very dark. He likes blood, gold, silver, rum and tobacco.

I ask him to start a fire in mom’s boyfriend’s heart. I ask him to make the man faithful and attentive. Marquis Amon says " find another man this one is no good". I say I can’t this is the one she wants. “Then I will tie a knot in his penis and he will be bound to her”. I Give him thanks and license to depart.

The man had been ignoring my foster mom for about a week at this point. Within a short time he sent her digital flowers and thier romance began to bloom. They are still enjoying good times.

Hail Marquis Amon
Thank you for your efforts.


Chapter 8

Spirit relations and the art of the deal

This will be a controversial chapter, not all of you are going to agree with what I’m saying and thinking here. If that happens its ok to disagree with me you can still continue reading and you’ll probably find other topics that we do agree on again later in the book. There are alot of philosophies on this subject and I do not claim that my point of view is the only correct one. I do claim however that it works especially well for me and delivers results. You be the judge.

When I practice the art of evocation and Goetia I always remember that I am building bridges, not walls. Bridges of friendship and trust. I’m telling you now the spirits are much more helpful if they trust and like and respect you.

All relationships are built on those three things : like, trust and respect. Trust however is the most important of the three because consider buying a car. Can you buy a car from someone you don’t like, yet have trust and respect for? Yes. Can you buy a car from someone you don’t respect much, but that you like and trust? Yes, can you buy a car from someone you like and respect but do not trust…no, no you can’t.

I favor a blend of relationship and transactional working with Goetic spirits. The key element of this is trust. The spirit knows if I say I’m going to do something that I will follow through with it. The things we magicians typically offer a spirit in exchange for it’s assistance are usually token gifts. What mattered was that you cared enough about the spirit to give it its due, as you said you would. That’s really what gives them warm fuzzies.

Spirits can get real nasty when an agreement goes sideways. Sometimes they even want take revenge on the magician. This does happen. Take care to honor your commitments to the spirits. I personally use the calendar feature of my smart phone to set the dates to settle up with the spirit.

When you give the spirit it’s charge then immediately make an offer of what you will do for the spirit. Here’s a few ideas
Lighting a candle and incense in honor of the spirit.
Preparing a plate and a seat at the table of a home cooked meal for the spirit.
Public praise
Art project
Poetry reading
Use your imagination, don’t fly off the handle offering blood to every spirit either. That’s special and for special circumstances.

When making your offer I suggest you use your intuition if your clairsenses aren’t developed to ascertain if your proposal is accepted. You can also use a pendulum to ask or tarot cards. If your offer is rejected ask the spirit what it’s cooperation will require.

At this point in the game I usually know what the spirit is going to like because I know the spirit already. Sometimes they surprise me However.
I had a non Goetic spirit ask me to evoke her without the triangle and engage her in a chocolate tasting and green tea drinking session. That’s something I could agree to.

The reason I’m telling you to go about it this way is that you don’t want anyone feeling like they are owed something.

If you don’t honor your agreements with Goetic spirits you may find they become difficult to evoke, this is because they talk to eachother and if you aren’t honorable with them the word will spread fast and you may find no one will work with you. You don’t want that.

Lastly remember to keep a friendly affable demeanor during your negotiations. I use the words “my friend” frequently to reinforce that we are friends in fact.

Give this some thought atleast.


Chapter 9

The great King Bael - First and prime among 72

Alright this is the third time I try write this.

It was a hot and sweaty Tuesday afternoon. I had decided I had an important task for the great King Bael. I set the temple and lit the candles. I took the seal of King Bael out of its box and placed it in the triangle of art.

The ceremony began, with strength and poise I finished the preliminary rituals. On to the enns to build the presence of the King. “Avage secore on ca Bael!” Over and over the spidery words of magic rolled off my tounge. Soon I wasn’t alone and I knew it.

The conjuration, “hear me and make all spirits subject unto me…”. Soon the king made his entrance with a storm brewing outside from sunshine moments ago.

We exchanged pleasantries and greetings and then got down to business. I gave him his charge and he assured me that it would all be taken care of. I like hearing that. I grant license to depart and close the temple and watch the storm through the window.

Fast forward to today. Foster Mom was unpacking boxes and throwing things in the garbage. I discovered she was throwing out military memorabilia. This is a big call sign between King Bael and I. He loves military memorabilia. He collected it from militaries all over Asia. I get permission to rescue these treasures. I polish them up Abit and place them on my shrine to King Bael.

Hail King Bael


Chapter 10

Choosing a Patron

The way I see it the biggest factor in the success or failure of a student magician getting through the beginner phase and moving into the intermediate practicioner status or lesser adept is having a physical teacher or…or a patron spirit that is helping guide the magician to growth. A patron can put books in your path, access to teachings you’d have overlooked and of course direct instruction.

I chose Prince Orobas as my first and primary Patron. There are many who choose King Belial, King Bael, and I know of one student who chose Duke Amduscias.

I’m telling you this because it’s true. You can choose to wander blindfolded through the wilderness for years if you so choose. You really need a teacher or a mentor or a patron. Not everyone does this but I’m recommending this highly.

Now I’m going to help you understand the process of selecting a Patron.

It’s about who you’re drawn to intuitively. I felt drawn to Prince Orobas since I read Duquettes book my life with the spirits. My agreement with Prince Orobas evolved over time and began as a handshake agreement. There were no blood signed contracts, nobody lost thier soul, nothing dramatic like that happened. Simply two beings in accord.

I suggest you go through your lesser key of Solomon and select 3-5 spirits that really call to you. Kings and princes are most common but any spirit can do this with you. Consider when you select what a long term working relationship would be like with the spirit. Do some diligence here on Balg and on the internet. Find out more about the spirits, thier likes and dislikes and other people’s experience with them.

Now you’re ready to begin. Start by contacting the spirit through evocation or petition. Plan on working with them on three to five projects before you make the decision to commit. Make sure you like the way they manifest in your life and that your personalities jive properly.

Now here is a list of spirits that I’d recommend you consider for mentor and patron purposes. This list is my experience and opinion. If you like a spirit not in my list, go with your intuition. They may be interested in you also.

Kings: Bael, Belial, Balaam, Paimon, Asmoday, Purson, Vine, Zagan

Princes:. Orobas, Stolas, Vassago, Ipos

Dukes:. Agares, Dantalion, Amducias, Barbatos, Bathin, Aim, Bune, Astaroth

Marquis:. Samigina, naberius, Ronove, Forneus, Marchosias, Phenex, Orias, Andrealphas, kimaris

Earls:. Furfur, Bifrons

Knights: Furcas

Presidents:. Marbas, Buer, Morax, Foras, Haagenti, Camio, Valac

How to pact

This is actually fairly easy. Decide what you want from the spirit. Protection, instruction, guidance, wealth, dignity, insight, ect.

Let me give you an example. Prince Orobas grants me great dignity and and protects me from parasites, tricksters and imposters. He helps me with aquiring material things and teaches me about magick, divination in particular.

Now decide what you will offer to do for the spirit. Regular offerings of lit candles and incense, public praise, being a good student, ect.

The pact and your relationship are ONLY as REAL as you MAKE it! The relationship works because both parties want it to.

If the relationship isn’t working out pacts can be ended by formally evoking the spirit and declaring the relationship over. Don’t do this without a reason though. You could piss the spirit off if it’s been loyal and good to you and you discard it like tissue. Now if the spirit ignores you or has become abusive or belligerent then you’re within your rights to terminate the agreement. Likewise if you’re pestering the spirit for this and that all the time it may get irritated and leave you. Don’t pact with the idea that it’s all you receiving things and giving nothing. That’s not how this works.

I personally ask Prince Orobas for very little. He knows me, knows what I want and need and and he delivers like the postman. Likewise I Know him and know what he likes and I keep it coming for him. It’s a partnership.

To pact evoke the spirit and declare your intentions to upgrade ties. Make it clear that you want this to be a long term agreement. You can affix an expiration date if you so choose. Ask the spirit to give you a sign that it has accepted your wish. Use your pendulum or clairaudience or tarot cards to know this. Better still, quiet yourself and in your still heart you’ll know the truth if it’s been accepted.

If you haven’t developed your clairaudience yet you may be rejected because the spirit will have a hard time communicating with you. Tell the spirit you intend to work diligently to communicate with him. That would help. In another chapter I’ll give you real excercises that you can do with your patron to build your clairs.

When you’re pacted to a spirit it is always near you. Even when you aren’t paying attention to it. It will always keep an eye on you. I’ve found you can develop direct mind to mind communication with the spirit very easily.

You should evoke your patron once a month to touch base. I usually do so with gifts, that’s just how I do it. Do it based on what you think is best.

Feel free to ask your patron for help in your study of magick your spiritual growth, they will help you SOOO much you won’t believe it.

So nobody is losing thier soul, no one is going to hell forever. There really is nothing spooky or evil about patron spirits or pacting in general.


I am planning on trying to contact Orobas soon and try to use divination while connected, in order to see if he will help me. It would be nice to hear opinions from someone close to him too.

Do you have experience with him shaping your body, not exactly true shapeshifting but just making some enhancements?

This part also, does this include him, meaning has he been honest in your experience? Does he like to play tricks? For instance, if you ask him to form your body have long hair, one way you could get long hair is if you go bald and then start to wear wigs. Or maybe he makes the hair on your toes long instead of the hair on your head.


Chapter 11

The Marquis Leraje - A walking, talking exigent circumstance…

It will be a challenge to write this chapter. The Marquis Leraje is probably the spirit I know best after Prince Orobas. I can say this about him…he’s got style, so much style, some might say…

This begins in 2015 in Manila. Before my third teacher and I had a mentor student relationship we actually were engaged in a Magickal war. Yes open and direct hostilities. I threw everything I had against this man and to no Avail. Quite simply I was outdone by a stronger, more capable magician than myself. I spent two years on the losing side of that conflict. Finally I was forced to capitulate and surrender, which actually opened the doors to friendship and a mentor student relationship.

It was however during the bad days that this story takes place. During this time my enemy had dispatched a group of nasty spirits to monitor what I was doing and report to him. Yep that happened. These three spirits constantly tortured me with negative hateful messages bombarding the back of my mind day and night. I was desperate for relief. No banishings that I knew were working. I was coming undone.

In fear and despair I called on the Marquis Leraje.

Completely guided by intuition I got myself a caramel apple sliced and placed toothpicks in the slices to represent his arrows. I left this over night with my petition to destroy these spirits. In my dreams that night I saw some kind of kick ass Jedi warrior with a green lightsaber kicking ass.

When I awoke I immediately noticed that the voices in my mind were gone. I wasn’t being tormented anymore. Thank God. Thank Marquis Leraje. That morning I found an older American man camped out on my doorstep. I figured this was a sad foreign beggar and prepared to give him some money and food and send him on his way.

As I tried to give him the money and food he laughed and said I’ve got plenty of money, I heard there was a foreigner here in this building and I wanted to come and check you out. This was getting mysterious…

I bring out a couple of mugs of hot coffee for us and listened to his tale. This man turns out to be an American former special forces soldier serving in the southern island of mindanao as a counter to separatists there. He did show me his military ID but just the physique of this grizzled old bear was enough to convince me.

I listened to more and more of the stories and quickly realized there was something really off about this man, this situation something I couldn’t place. And then,he took out a green Lazer pointer pen and began pointing at different objects while narrating what an air strike looks like. Jesus fuck…a green lazer pen…I was in the presence of the real Marquis Leraje. It was, is my belief that this man was possessed by the Marquis Leraje.

I saw this man many times after the first meeting. He was absolutely amazing and fun to be with but there was always a trail of carnage that he left in his wake. Bar fights, battles in hotel lounges, clashes in casinos.

He was exhilarating but dangerous and had a very short fuse. He’d trip out and knock the shit out of somebody for any slight real or imagined. I got dragged into many battles because of him. I once saw him fight off five men by picking up a 2x4 stick and wielding it against them that he found in nearby garbage.

What’s strange is he was a total gentleman when not in battle, his manners were quite good.

Whenever I call him now through evocation he always reached out to give me a big hug, it’s a little a awkward. I still give him caramel apples with toothpicks in the slices to represent his arrows.

Hail Marquis Leraje.


No he doesn’t play tricks but he does enjoy jokes and has a sense of humor all his own.

I don’t know what to tell you about the body modification or shape shifting bit. It’s outside my experience with him and perhaps above my pay grade.

On the honesty part yeah he’s exceptionally honest and I find myself sorry everytime I don’t take his advice.


I take that back about the modifications. I did ask him about some restorative dental work and that’s been coming along so yes. There is that.


Chapter 12

Working on your clairs

If you have a Patron spirit already then apply this chapter to working with that spirit.

If not then let’s select a good divination spirit for yourself and let’s begin working with them. Here are a few suggestions for a good quality spirit to engage in this with.

Prince Orobas - Divination spirit Par Excellence
King Paimon
King Balaam
King Purson
King Asmoday

There are others too this is a few

Ok let’s get started. This is called spirit work. I personally tried the endless cycles of meditations and 3rd eye openings but I never made much progress that way. This way I made a great deal of progress ( a work in progress), and it was actually fun.

Step one - evoke your training spirit and do a meet and greet. Express your intentions to work closely with them developing your clairs. See if they agree.

Step two - evoke your training spirit again, charge the spirit to work with you over the course of a month on one of your senses. I recommend clairaudience first.

Three - set a training schedule. Light is once a week, medium is twice a week and heavy is three days a week. Try to work on Mondays Wednesdays and Sundays.


Evoke your spirit for a training session.
Ask the spirit to speak it’s name to you. Sit quietly in front of the spirits seal. Place a glass of cold water near the seal. This will assist in communication. Concentrate on the seal. Quiet your mind and listen to the sound of your breath.

Your head is like an antenna. It can send or receive transmissions.

Wait until you hear it in your mind. Ask the spirit to adjust the volume of its name up and down. It’s very likely you will feel this thought coming to you from outside yourself. Take note of directionally where it’s coming from. The future communications will likely follow that direction from that spirit.

You’ll hear it in the background. " Orobas, Orobas, Orobas". Be patient and don’t lose heart if it doesn’t happen in the first session. Learn to distinguish your own inner dialog from thoughts that aren’t yours in daily life. This requires Abit of self awareness and introspection.

I recommend 4-8 sessions of this or until you’ve got the hang of it.

Next start with yes and no questions. Ask the spirit questions you can easily verify and keep a journal of the results. “Will the weather be clear today?”. Things of this nature. Pick 4-5 questions and go with it. Soon you’ll be hearing the answers and verifying them. The reason you picked a divination spirit to work with is so the spirit can tell tell you of past present and future events too.

You see training your senses with a spirit can be fun and exciting. When Prince Orobas speaks to me it feels like the thought is being beamed into my mind slightly above my left ear. When. King bael speaks to me it’s usually on the right side mid way up my skull.

Do yes and no questions 4-8 times. Your sessions shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. Aways thank your spirit after the session and I recommend giving them a small token gift. A cookie, a cup of coffee or tea, a cigarette. These gifts go a long way in keeping the spirit happy.

After your first month of work re evoke the spirit, reward it it’s due and renew the work agreement for another month. You should be having small successes at this point and your biggest obstacle will be self doubt. This is normal. After your second contract consider renewing for three months.

You should by the second month of work be hearing your spirit. Do not expect it to always say lofty, noble, deep things. Sometimes it will be funny, or mundane in nature. This is normal. Sometimes the spirit will even make gossip. Expect it to take 4-9 months to really confidently hear the spirit clearly in a conversational way. If you do it faster than that kudos to you. I’m just giving you my experience.

When you ask the spirit a question the very first thing that comes to mind is almost always the spirits answer. Learning to trust this is the real secret. The spirits reply will come so fast it almost steps on or cuts off you off before you finish asking the question.

This was and is still very difficult for me. Keep a positive can do attitude and an open mind.

I used a flash card method with my spirit. Like zenner cards. ±x=% take five symbols and write them on the flash cards.

Evoke your trainer and lay one card face down on the spirits seal. Relax and sit quietly and visualize a blank screen in your mind. Ask the spirit to send you an image of what’s on the card on its seal. Write in your journal what you think it is then turn the card over and reveal the results. Don’t lose hope or get disheartened by many failures. Keep at it with a playful open attitude.


Ask your spirit trainer to send you specific scents, apple, rose, vanilla, sandlewood ect

I have no experience here. Try it and let me know.

Now this is fun. Evoke your spirit and open your hand and fingers before your spirits seal. Ask the spirit to touch your index finger. Then wait for it. You’ll notice pressure, tingles, a cold sensation something to this effect. Cycle through all your fingers, hold hands, fist bump. Get used to feeling the spirit.

This concludes this chapter. It’s challenging work but the rewards are great. After working with a training spirit for a couple months consider pacting them if you two are getting along well. Just a thought. Good luck.