The left hand path gods

What are all the gods’ of the LHP names?

Not sure what you are asking since many gods can be both right and left hand path beings, there are also hundreds of demons as well. If you mean the main ones just look around the forum at all the names of spirits you see being talked about.

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There really are no entities dedicated to RHP/LHP, though there are some that are more commonly worked with in different circles.

RHP can call on the daemonic, LHP can call on the Angelic. RHP and LHP are not in opposition, it is just a matter of how you approach things and perceive your reality and where you fit into it. An LHP person can curse with an angel, and a daemonolator could be RHP.

Also, different currents work with different deities in both RHP and LHP. Some cross over, too.


Read the lesser keys of Solomon, this is publically available online. This is your indoctrination. Ask questions after.


ok thank you Israel

Other than the lesser key. I will name some non-sympathetic deities from different Pantheons you may wish to contact:
Xipe Totec

Dis Pater
Gwynn Ap Nudd
The White Lady


Ix Chel



As always be careful when dealing with those deities, know what exactly what you are dealing with, if an offering is needed, how to address them, certain cultural things and be respectful above all else. Many of those being can destroy your life if you are not careful.


I actually have two questions here. One. How did you not include Odin as a LHP deity?

And two, why would you include Anubis? He has always been a completely neutral being in my experience. Neither right or left.

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I have experience with Odin, I would not call him left path, he is extremely wise and has helped me control my nature. I chose Anubis because while he is neither there is a lot of left handed stuff you can learn from him. Ix Chel is neutral but you can learn stuff from her. The human I was before I became a succubus soul wise and astral wise used to be an avid follower of Odin.

I have been working with Odin for over a decade and consider him very LHP. He is wise yes, he also won’t do anything for you and will kick the ever living shit out of you if you make a deal with him until you fulfill its. He is called Bolverk and Oath Breaker for a reason.

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He’s neither, left or right from my experiences. I’ve had contact with him for 8 years. He does have destructive parts of his personality like war, frenzy and battle but he also is a healer. I think it depends on the how you approach him, I never made a deal so would never know. I will put him up as a left deity from your suggestion with an edit tho.

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I do see and respect your viewpoint there, and I think you are certainly right in that undependable o how he is approached. And also on who he is working with.

There are no “LHP gods”. In the Left-Hand Path, YOU ARE THE GOD of your reality.

"You, who are a man, declare Yourself to be God.” Jesus replied, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’? – John 10:34

Odin is definetly Left Hand Path. He seized power for himself. In my experience, he does help but you have to earn it for sure. He’s a dark god with no regard for the laws or morals of others.

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