"The leech" (my new discovery)

Recently I had came in contact with a entity with power beyond anything I’ve actually felt. I’ve seen entities through evocation and felt their presence but this time I felt this creatures force pushing against my own will. How this creature came into my life was very simple, I learned it’s name and by speaking of it its force of will on our existence grew fast and grew powerful within minutes of talking about it. I was told a name it was using and what type of things it is capable of, it appears as a cryptic monkey torso and an alien like head with a scorpion trip tail something straight from the goetia. The image was like a punch in the face is was hard warm and the image lingered like a bad wound, simply my speaking it’s name and talking to someone it came in contact with.

To an unexperienced witch(one who barely studies the process of spell craft or the history) this creature was neither good nor evil but a good mix of both, she was able to find it hiding and crawling around my head like how I saw it on this kids shoulder my colleague told me about. When the “founder” of this creature spoke of this entity and her acquaintance(who this creature was leeching off of) I suddenly saw it perched on his shoulder cupping it’s small. Marsupial hands and whispering in his ear. When I actually went to this creature domain on the ethereal side of existence it was on a stump with a rock poking out of it. It was gnarled in shapes that would be uncomfortable to the human eye let alone if we were to try it, and perched on the stone I asked it “what do you want” I heard a voice but it did not speak , turning its head in a questioning manner “who are you to ask me that in MY home?” Picturing my self couching down and pulling out chalk and drew a magical Circle I had not known existed and it hummed and soon the entity accepted its fate but was disappointed in itself, this was strange for me as no entity but one has been hostile to me, the other was like a primal force no words just pure anger or hungry and simple emotion drives it. But this entity was so much more complex.

Now three days later I had barely thought about this entity due to some amazing and terrible news and decided maybe I should think about him again and see where it goes but then another image flashed and he was on a pile of junk, all sorts of things and I dived deeper in the image and saw it was all my junk a lot of it were words like “pride” “doubt” my mental junk and weaknesses and then I saw my lost house key that keeps going missing and my wallet. By that time I was furious because it’s moving these things for his own goal. Like in old tales of brownies and other sprites living in your home making mischief, it was napping and he had dreams of my pain and suffering he was both enjoying them and feeling the pain. He enjoyed pain but now that he is beginning to leech on to me he now shares my pain like a masochist but with emotions. At first I knew he was something more then some Imp and now I know that he is something more something I’m going to learn as much as I can about.


Honestly, it just sounds like someone has created a parasitic egregore to me.

Here’s the big clue for me. She’s probably vamping the guy with it. And “whispering in his ear” would be one way to sense the way these types of astral parasites encourage certain mental states in order to better feed.

You even use the term “the leech” in the thread title.

I keep running into things like this again and again.

Eva’s recent post seems related to the phenomenon as well …
Don’t Feed the Vampires – Magick Circles, Important PSA

When I’ve encountered these astral parasites, they tend to fall into two categories …
(1) unconsciously created by people, often through strong fears or negative emotions like hatred
(2) consciously created by a person for a specific purpose like vamping or magickal attack

I’ve often discovered the first category attached to sick people with chronic illnesses.

The second category is often used during a magickal attack on someone.

I’ve personally experienced multiple instances of both categories.

Honestly, I don’t think you’ll gain any valuable knowledge from this creature because it doesn’t have any to give.

It’s more likely to string you along for years, getting you to call it again and again, giving it your energy through your attention, feeding on you.

And the girl who created it is probably feeding through it.

The real gem of this experience could be the magickal circle you instinctively created. If you can bring that forth, you could use it as a powerful magickal tool.


The problem is it’s teaching him magic and using it against other practitioners because they don’t deserve it, we have no clue who would make it. He knew nothing about magick until it showed up.

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I meant founder literally she found it I just didn’t know how to but it in decent terms

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That’s a red flag to me, to be honest - sounds like it’s connected to the parasitic entities drawn by the monotheistic religions, who had us going crazy killing witches and healers for centuries.

“You are the chosen and only worthy one, and must help me destroy all others who aspire to power and magickal experience” - hello, My Name Is Your One True Prophet, and I’m here today to slam the door in the face of all who would attempt to come after me and have direct contact with spirits themselves. Hmmn.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, and JMO, from this limited information. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that doesn’t sound right to me.

I’ve learned almost everything I know from ancient gods and goddesses and they’ve never once had me do anything like that.

Whatever it is, it’s playing a game I don’t like.

We’re just offering our own opinions based on personal experiences. Do with it as you will. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you want help with anything specific regarding this “leech”.


How did u get rid of those parasites without them coming back?