The Law of Attraction in Love

I needed to ask this question. So, the biggest obstaclesin love magic are usually not being able to.stop yourself from thinking about a person. My question is,is it possible to use thought, not ritual, to make a specific person think about you more,and in a more romantic light,as well as align opportunities for the two of you to interact?

And if so,how would one go about this to prevent it from turning into obsession or make-believe

The only LoA writing I’ve encountered that touches on love says that you must decide the type of partner you want, honestly assess whether they’re likely to be attracted to you as you currently are, and if not, to strive to become the type they’d find attractive, and they will be drawn to you.

I think that’s fairly legit, in general, and it can be adapted to an individual you find attractive.

A lot of the authors in that field place a huge emphasis on never violating the free will of another person, which is ahem somewhat different to some of us, hence the emphasis on doing the work yourself to draw them in, rather than pursuing them or trying to manipulate them.

In this case, maybe you could combine this by asking spirits to tell you exactly what she’s most likely to find attractive, then either make her see it in you (basic glamour magick) or better yet, help you to genuinely have those qualities?

If you can find out what her archetype of ideal male is (or one of them anyway) then you can fit that and she can’t NOT like you.

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I used LoA to get my ex back a few years ago after he left me for another woman. It worked. I wrote about the whole looong story in the ‘Love spells that actually worked thread’.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey there!

@Lady Eva,that is actually…exactly what my gnosis with the spirits confirmed.Now,you obviously know about the girl that I am aiming all of this stuff on,because simply put,there is something very powerful about her that says she is conductive to my ascent.

I had entertained the possibility that she was sent to me by the spirits,but I didn’t know which ones.It wasn’t Paimon,nor was Thoth.It may have been Mother(Hecate) or Baba Yaga?

I went to search for the spirit in question and one named popped into my mind.It was Lotir.

I had worked very closely with this mighty angelic queen for 21 days,back in December 2014.And the intent of it all was to bring me a partner,that would help me grow and ascend.

She told me that I needed to forget about the working,to make it all a blur.That happened.I am rather shocked to say that that WASN’T a failed operation,and that it took 8 months for the results to manifest.Crazy,right?

When asking Lotir why she isn’t interested in me,Lotir replied that she was,but that it took me too long to let go of another love interest to pursue this one.I thought this was silly,but Lotir and I talked about the whole situation,and in the end,she told me about the importance of time.

Claidheim had given me a reading,that I will not disclose,but it assured me,big changes were coming,and until they were finished,any romantic pursuits would lead to disappointment.

I was vain,and I assumed that the moment my pact with Paimon was signed and I had begun to ascend to such a degree that I am on now,that I my metaphysical ‘‘death’’ was over,and that I was ready to embrace my full potential.

This is not the case.Apparently,my death and rebirth will only be complete on Samhain eve.My Halloween party,that I had been planning for months,would be more than just a meet-and-greet with friends.It would be more than just a celebration of how well we’re doing.HEll,it would be more than just a Witch’s Sabbat(even though,I’m probably(but not 100%) gonna be the only witch there).

It’s a funeral.And a christening.and a prelude to the ritual that I would do,that bridges the two.

While this topic is about my love life,this post goes farther than that.I am talking about my destiny and UPG,my ascent.And I might make a seperate thread just talking about that.

When working with Lotir,the angelic queen comforted me,for the stupid stuff I did yesterday,and helped me.What happened,in the end,was that she listed qualities this girl liked,and told me to meditate on each of them,seperately,and strive to embody them.

And that,she noticed,all of them were things that I already had within,but that weren’t overly developed.And all of this is very passive and ritualess.Sorry for rambling and @Akasha I will check that out.