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Greetings folks,

Here I’ll discuss about a recent of evocation that I performed of Duke Zepar as well as what I did prior to the evocation to immerse myself (Subjective Synthesis) into the essence of Zepar and the final Outcome.

  1. Subjective Synthesis
    I did some initial academic research on Zepar, to be specific, his attributes as listed in various grimoires as well as evocation experiences of other sorcerers. Here is a basic attribute list of Duke Zepar for those who are interested.

Appearance: Red clothing & Armour (knight-like)
Color: Green
Incense: Sandalwood
Metal: Copper*
Planet: Venus (Friday)
Element: Earth (North)
Enn: Lyan Ramec catya Zepar
Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles

There weren’t any good pictures of Zepar on the internet that I could use to create an image of him in my mind during the evocation and so I used a picture of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in Armor (It’s linked below) during the rite to visualize Duke Zepar in that form.

During my immersion period, I always tried my best to immerse myself into the study of Zepar during the hour of Venus and to also burn incense associated with Venus and specifically Zepar (Sandalwood).


I made a green candle that was specific to Zepar and to be used solely during evocations of Zepar. The below-listed ingredients were added into the candle to personalize it and to enhance it’s essence. All of these herbs are associated with Venus, though there’re many more that are much more fragrant that can be used.

6 drops of my blood (Symbolic to Venus)
Rose petals (Cut up into small pieces)

The Key is to personalize it as much as possible so that it resonates with you.


Apart from the candle I made an amulet of Zepar’s sigil so that he could imbue it with the essence of his legions and primarily of lust.
A few drops of my blood was used to, once again, personalize the item.

Moving on to evocation, the purpose of me calling upon Duke Zepar was to bring a girl into my life so that we can indulge in the pleasures of the flesh together.

During the evocation of Zepar, I couldn’t feel any presence but i went ahead to state my desire and the deadline of the manifestation

Well, I gave Zepar a deadline of 2.5 weeks to manifest the girl and he brought the girl into my life within 1.5 weeks.

I saw a really sexy blonde on a train back home and I knew she was the one, but, me being the hero couldn’t man up and got stuck in my head to approach her and she was gone.

Was it a failure? No.
Duke Zepar fulfilled his end but I slipped and therefore it’s my fault. I see this incident as a great learning opportunity and I hope you guys will be able to take away a thing or two from this post.

I promised Zepar that I’d honor him after he had completed the task and this post is in the honor of Duke Zepar. Agios O Zepar.

*I’ve attached the Invocation, In case any of you are curious.

TheGrandInvocationofZepar (1).pdf (93.2 KB)


Awesome work!!

Thanks for sharing in such detail, and good luck with future endeavours of this nature. :slight_smile:


When a person utilizes a spirit to bring a lover into their life, that spirit will make the conjurer encounter some random person, but that random person is always attracted to the conjurer who is an absolute stranger to him/her. Common signs are continuous staring at you and desire in his/her eyes. The attraction the stranger has for the conjurer will be undeniable by any, and it will be obvious to the conjurer as the results are right in front of his/her face. This is the minimum result that should be happening in works of finding a lover. Some conjurers even get strangers introducing themselves to him/her and doing all the work, however, these are extreme manifestations of results.When someone is all fascinated over you and can’t stop checking you out/staring, it helps ease you up as you are confident that the chance of rejection is zero. It also helps you identify the woman/man who the spirit has provided. I wouldn’t say that zepar did his work simply based on the fact that you saw a hot girl on a train. There are hot people everywhere always traveling about. I am not trying to be difficult, i am only providing my input, but I think if she was not checking you out, then zepar did not do his part. These spirits of love/lust always instill into a person desire for the conjurer, and it matters not if the conjurer is a complete stranger who has never been seen before by the person the spirit has chosen for the conjurer. Ever been somewhere and you were eyed down completely by a stranger who found you irresistible? that is the look you should be looking for in your results. Once you spot it, know that the spirit has done its work and the person who is undeniably attracted to you is yours for the taking.

I also had a look at your invocation, and to be honest I do not think it is so potent. It merely consists of reciting zepr’s enn like 6 times and then saying things like ‘‘welcome zepar, instill me with lust’’ immediately after the enn. That is not enough to bring a spirit to your area of operation. You might want to change your method of summoning. You can take some conjurations from old grimoires( can be found easily through google) and adapt them in ritual. Some can be long though, but the way i see it, the more effort you put in, the more satisfied you are.


Thanks for the Input rd166, you have provided some invaluable information that I can use in my workings and I appreciate that.

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so, this is what I ve read about Zepar : "He is primarily summoned by male followers to make women fall in love with them. The cost of this love is that the woman who falls in love in this way will not be able to conceive the man’s children. Zepar may seduce men by forms of pederaty.
So , he is to be summoned by men only?

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Karenina, where exactly did you read this description of Duke Zepar? The pederasty part concerning Zepar initally repulsed me, but when I asked him regarding whether that is true or not, he replied “Fools do not know what they speak”.


Greetings all,

After some time of deep reflection on the supposed ‘failure’ of the above mentioned ritual with Duke Zepar, I found out that I didn’t ‘truly’ want to manifest a playmate in my life. I kinda forced myself to ‘want’ it rather than ask Zepar to manifest my heart’s desire. I discovered that although I am ‘Interested’ in the idea of casual sex and hooking up with as many hot women as possible, what I truly want is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate girl that I can share my life with and feel connected to her on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. Deep down I just know that sleeping with many partners isn’t really for me.

It is interesting how at times, we ‘think’ we know what we want but the forces we are calling upon know what we REALLY want. Agios O Zepar.

*Note: I do not consider casual sex & scoring with chicks as bad, immoral or any other shit like that, It just wasn’t what I was truly looking for.

For all you guys who like to score, keep scoring and have a great time!


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[quote=“karenina, post:5, topic:6305”]so, this is what I ve read about Zepar : "He is primarily summoned by male followers to make women fall in love with them. The cost of this love is that the woman who falls in love in this way will not be able to conceive the man’s children. Zepar may seduce men by forms of pederaty.
So , he is to be summoned by men only?[/quote]lol that’s pretty awesome. Hell bring u a girl and make sure u won’t get her pregnant too? Bonus

When u realize that it works your careful with what you put in your spells. I used to put so many ingredients. Then after I got my prenda I did the same thing but got over the top results. Like I did a love spell on this girl. She stopped calling me because she said that she got anxiety from thinking of me so much. Just and example.

Does anyone know which text mentions that Zepar “may seduce men by forms of pederasty” ? I’ve been trying to find which grimoire states this but I just can’t find it. Thank you.

Hi Pazuzu… I am impressioned about your knowledge… I have a small request for you, its about the invocation of Duke Zepar… thank you…

Welcome @Amr. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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Why I can’t open this PDF file ?? I need to know the ritual for Zepar ??