THE JAR OF DARKNESS - One Of My Favorite Magical Tools Ever!

Today I wanted to Share you with one of my favourite magical tools ever! This what i called a jar of darkness. Its Use is for Connecting with the Abyss and with the Infernal Realms. During my Abaddon Roller Coaster Pathworking, i would meditate every day with that jar in front of me looking at the blacked waters and bringing Monsters Forth at My Service. I would aslo have my own self-made ancient-looking Clay Mala, Chanting "“Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu”.
and Calling the Lord of Darkness Forth In Me,To do My Will. This Was One Step Deeper in my Descend to the Infernal Realms.
If You are Wondering what it can be Used for, The Here Uses:

  1. Curses
  2. Calling Black And Monstrous Legions Forth
  3. Fetish Of The Abyss, The Lord of Darkness, Abaddon.
  4. Transfiguration.

Wellspring Of The Abyss.
Abaddon Pathworking Throwback:

It was not long ago that I was going to use my gatekeeper power-infused paint jar, my intent was to use it as a more potent replacement for the ink and drawing material but since that jar was too old and the paint hardens, Abaddon Showed me a vision and this vision was that the jar will become the gate of the abyssal forces that I will be working with Abaddon and the gatekeepers themselves, What he showed in this jar was a small pool of black water that acts as an open physical gate for the beings and the gatekeepers themselves,there in the blacked water I could see black snakes rising and locusts ascending from the deep abyssal spiritual depths, ascending unto this realm For the Infernal empire !

This pit of the abyss will be doorway of the infernal empire!

At night, Entering The temple, I got a jar that will become the gate of darkness, after drawing the seed of darkness in a piece of paper in the altar, I had the idol of Satolas inside the circle of my mala of self-deification, surrounding it.

Gazing at the star of darkness

Breathing the energies of darkness and each gatekeeper as one, I started chanting the words of the gatekeeper singularity, the lord of darkness.

Ram Ham Satolas, Ram Ham Satolas, Ram Ham Satolas!

Mixing the water with the already blacked paint in the jar, embedding it with the energies and the being and the essence of the gatekeepers and of the lord of darkness, summoning the gatekeepers forth.

Ram Ham Satolas!

Belial,Lucifer-Amaymon,Azazel,Abaddon,Lucifuge Rofocale,Beelzebub,Baal,Asmodeus,Satan!
May this jar become the jar of darkness!
May this jar will become the gate of the bottomless pit in the round of physical reality!
The Jar of Darkness is made forth!
Ram Ham Satolas, Ram Ham Satolas!
Belial,Lucifer-Amaymon,Azazel,Abaddon,Lucifuge Rofocale,Beelzebub,Baal,Asmodeus,Satan!
May this become your gate, may this become the gate of the nine gatekeepers and that of the bottomless pit, so that the blacked smoke of the armies of hell will rise!
Accept this as jar of gate, so all darkness will pass in!

With all the essences within and solidified, start shaking the jar mixing all water with Blood, semen your energy in it.Abaddon Begun Chanting: “Shake it Violently! Shake it stronger!”

As I was doing it by the fear of spilling the blackened water, it is true that it must not be spilled yet it needed to be shaken violently, I done it by circular movements, so much that bubbles started to from and when I checked the water it turned grey.

There stand and meditate towards it, feeling the waters themselves are not just a pool of little water in jar, but you must feel them as the literal corrupted waters of outer darkness, connect with it deeper, and fall inside it is become the literal external gate of the bottomless pit. Say:

Ram Ham Satolas!
May this become the gate of the bottomless pit, the blacked waters inside the blacked jar of darkness.

Shake it again violently, say these as you are shaking it with circular movements.

Ram Ham Satolas,Ram Ham Satolas,Ram Ham Satolas
Nine Gatekeepers, Nine infernal rising from the pits of the abyss, rise from the bottomless pit!Ram Ham Satolas!
Belial,Lucifer-Amaymon,Azazel,Abaddon,Lucifuge Rofocale,Beelzebub,Baal,Asmodeus,Satan!

Looking deep in the waters of blackness, seeing that this is no water at all, but it is a link to the bottomless pit, sacrifice the essence of water,that essence of creation, feeling the water fading out of existence to become the waters of darkness, The portal to the bottomless pit!

Ram Ham Satolas, Ram Ham Satolas,Ram Ham Satolas!

Look at the seed of darkness, pulling their essence in the jar and its blacked waters, vibrate or say silently the words of the essence of each gatekeeper :


Allowing the infernal gatekeepers to bless that bottomless pit in jar by silently focusing on their essence, Say again the mantra Essence of Abaddon the binder of evil and of the bottomless pit.


Focusing on Abaddon, the one that binds the bottomless pit, I say at my core focusing unto him :

Abah-Abaddon, The binder of the bottomless pit, Gift me the key and make me the binder of all evil, I become The Lord of the gates.

Sincerely, X.Agathokleous.


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