The irony of my past christian brainwash

From childhood I’ve been brainwashed to be a christian and I’ve started to step out it. From what I can tell christianity has a good reputation because of brainwash whilst Satanism has a bad reputation because of brainwash. THE IRONY is though that the bible convinced me to walk away from it.

In the bible the god of isreal sent a tormenting spirit to king Saul…
In the bible the god of iseal sent a lying spirit to get an asreali king killed…
The conversation between jesus and Satan makes jesus look like a spoilt brat crazy about scripture. Since jesus was according to Satan guided and spoiled (as soon as he was born) then he did (if he even existed at all) not live a sinless life by his own strength.

My question: why should tormenting and lying spirits obey the isreali god ? is it not opposing forces ? Or is that just rubbish? Second question: Are lying spirits prevalent anywhere?

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Just like people do, all spirit are capable of lying, that’s why one must take precautions when dealing with them, a subject that in Thelema is very important, especially when astral travelling


i had an interesting experience this weekend with a young lady who was CLEARLY sublimating all her sexual energy into some Baptists Jesus Born Again context and was trying to proselityze with everyone, I suppose (especially males, don’t you know)

I ended up being part of her prayer circle where she invoked Jesus and I did feel this AMAZING energy, sort of light, intense, burning, etc if I had to give it a colour I’d say light blue and it did envelop all of us and was IDK nice or whatnot, like I got it, why she was into that

then in another post on this site I saw someone make reference to > [quote=“Twilight_Dragon, post:49, topic:119622”]

Don’t jump into the Abrahamic Pantheon immediately. It is a rash decision I made when I went through the same shit you’re going through and it seriously delayed my progress. Though Jesus is a very nice entity.

which put the weekend event thing in a new perspective for me

which all is my long winded way of saying you’re right and it all is the same old stuff, different channel though (so to speak)


When you die you’re going to burn in Hell forever; with no end. That’s for the temporal sins you committed. And you deserve it too, that’s why god is going to torment you in agony forever and ever, because he loves you! God sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself! Well you can’t say Xtianity isn’t god-centred!

Really want to fuck yourself? Join one of the small splinter groups from the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W Armstrong or his son, Garner Ted).



That’s a harsh but realistic summation of Christian theology in a nutshell.

Only thing missing is the part about how if you are “perfect like your Heavenly Father is” then he won’t punish you at all he’ll let you snuggle up to him in heaven where he’ll choke you to death in an unending bear hug so that you never get away from his control ever again.

All while he expects you to sing his praises forever and love it.

But in what way is her supposedly perfect? Perfectly homocidal? Perfectly dictatorial? In what way is he supposedly perfect?

Edit: didn’t notice how old the post was but the relevancy of comments stands on its own. Me I never saw any blue light in any Christian church I’d ever been in not even my parents Catholic denomination church.