The Intelligent Water Molecule

I just saw an interesting video on Youtube about water molecule response. Words, emotional projections, written words and different musical genres is affecting the construction of the water molecule, showing and proving an intelligent response to thoughts and projections.

This has been scientifically proven by a Japanese author, researcher, photographer and entrepreneur, called Masaru Emoto.

In one of Emoto’s experiments, he used three glasses filled with rice and water. Each glass got spoken words projected to them every day.

"I love you. You are beautiful!" was delivered to the first glass.
"I hate you. You’re an idiot!" was delivered to the second glass.
The third glass was rejected and ignored.

The result:

Here’s a video about it:

What more does this prove? Maybe that magic can be scientifically proven with repeateadly same or similar results. The dilemma, on the other hand, is still the dogma of scientific neglectance.

It definitely made me appreciate water after learning more about this!


I’m a huge fan of this and done a similar experiment. It really does make a difference the way you simply speak to something. It works with plants too.


I’ve seen this happen with fruit a few years ago.

You can literally hurt an apple by screaming at it every day. Curse it, hate it, and it will shrivle up to death. It will rot way faster than a normal apple.

The apple who recieved love and positive affirmations was shining and glowing. It also tasted better. And it lasted more days until it began to rot.

I think the same can be found in meat. If a cow dies a horrible death with stress and fear the meat won’t taste good and it will contain bad energy etc think about the slaughterhouses the whole meat industry. They don’t care about emotions / feelings.

If you let it die peacefully without stress etc, you will certainly get tastier meat.


I remember seeing this tested with plants on an old episode of “Mythbusters”, and it not only appeared to be true, but the plants grew the largest and strongest when they were exposed to rock and metal music.


I had a book on this - it was given to me. Great photos but really was not in the space. Looking back you always regret what you got rid of- not the baggage you kept. Shit I am poetic today…


Yeah I saw this too. It seems like science is starting to connect some dots we never considered possible lately. You have to wonder if the water content is the same reason plants react to attention. I did a dedication of my garden to Stolas a year back and fed the whole plot with affection and devotion daily. Monsanto’s wildest dreamers could not produce some of the herbs and veg that came after. I even had a bunch of nearly dead ones that came back and took the prize quite unexpectedly.

I just read a thing about some scientists being able to actually measure the influence of human attention on sub atomic particles (photons I think). Another scientist in Russia, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev, constructed an oddly concaved sort of mirror made from aluminium that generated a measurable electromagnetic field when a person focused on it.

Honestly I don’t think it’s the water, I think it is us; the effect on the water is just a kind of ‘indicator species’ in terms of our present understanding of what is going on.