The Infinite Magick Power Glitch

So this is a bit of a silly concept I’ve thought of that in theory could maybe work. I got the idea from a glitch from a video game, hence the title. So what if you enchanted an item to make your magick workings stronger, then while wearing it, made another. In theory the second would grant an even greater boost to your magick power. Repeat this loop until infinity to become a living god :wink: . So while this is a bit of a joke concept, I also feel like it could work. Share your thoughts on this “glitch” below.

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Enchantment skill for the win.


in theory yes unless the enchantments dont stack properly lol.


I kinda use a similar concept under the Law of Assumption. :stuck_out_tongue: The Law in practice essentially boils down to “focus only on what you want, think and feel as if you already have it, and persist in this assumption while removing your attention from anything and everything, mental or material, that seems to contradict it”.

So using this, I affirm, assume, and focus on the fact that I have a 100% success rate with any magick or ritual I perform.

Even if I were to experience an unequivocal failure, I would continue to persist in affirming and thinking as if every single one of my rituals resulted in astounding success.

Takes a little bit of mental gymnastics to get used to at first, but by consciously focusing on your dominant thoughts being ones of success, it eventually becomes habitual, and your brain will actually default to this new model. Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.