The infernal tarot of dr.johannes faust

hans welz created a spoof site ( with a set of cards he had invented and attributed demons to. i found it awhile ago and thought hey, this is interesting if a little bit spurious. so i studied the cards and realized that even when a master magician is joking they are still serious.

i looked past the cartoon satanism and hollywood hype of the site and i saw something. the cards are the astrological attributions and the layout is actually pretty cool.

part one of the cards are the six great infernal government. those cards correspond to the thirty enochian ethers. it’s just that twenty-four of them are missing.

part two of the cards are the seven infernal grand dukes. those are the seven classical planets.

part three of the cards are the five grand ministers and secret infernal counsels. those are the five classical elements.

part four of the cards are the twelve infernal dukes. those are the astrological constellations.

you get elements, planets, constellations, and ethers of reality. it’s the old fashioned geocentric model all over again.

so i took a plain pack of playing cards, wrote the glyphs for the elements planets and constellations and numbers for each ether, and did a reading, both with these cards and also with regular playing cards (i do divs with regular cards not tarot - it’s more practical for me). the double reading gave a LOT more information than usual and it was very interesting to compare them

the demonic attributions are bang on, even though i didn’t use them in my spread. i also didn’t use the runes but i can imagine those two things would be very useful if you do use them for tarot magick. they match up very well

was an interesting experiment and helped shed light on a couple of issues that had been bothering me for a while now

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