The infernal flames

Lit as small fire in a pot out some leaves of palm if possible put 2 or 3 drops of blood light the fire and say while it is burning

"by fire, azazel, flereous, djin
I shall become the the infernal fire
May my infernal demonic self rise
And awaken my I wear my crown and hold my sword
May I rise may I decent to the underworlds
Ets osay lama et puta en kama el solvala
Infernal flames rise, rise
May the kindgom of God decent and fall
May the empire of hell rise
Abaddon, azazel, amaymon belial rise
Ets say ol’malu’kla ent’punta el’shob ant’kalu
Lake of fire rise like you never did before "

I got the inspiration from my demonic dragon familiar


Out of curiosity what happens after this ritual? Like what are the results?


It is an empowered ritual and a ritual of honour and infernal work