The Indenty of Ant'Harratu in Ancient Egypt

Hello guys,

I had this idea for some time, so as you might know ant’Harratu revealed to Ea Koetting that he taught magick to ancient priests of Olmec, kemet and mesopotamia (I think)

I believe it’s better to research for his past masks in the kemet tradition since we have more information for that culture.

So ant’Harratu is the left hand man of Azazel, he is called a “nether” . EA did not knew originally that the word nether is Very close to the ancient word of neter or netjer (Ntr) that meant god. And there is a lot of discussion on the reconstruction of ancient Egyptian words for example ntr can be pronounced as neter or netjer but according to a magician who did not know any of this channeled the pronunciation “nether” which basically discounts a lot of archaeologists and linguistics that have PhD and spend years researching (pro tip: also Become a magician to “cheat” and make world breaking discoveries! :rofl:)

Beyond that, according to the original description of that spirit it is clear that he is indeed a teacher of magick. There is deities similar to what is described:

Thoth and Heka.
But I really dont feel satisfied with that awnser nor think is the case.
I think that the awnser is Hidden in a long list of hardly elaborated on deities like this

Or not inscribed on wall at all.

Could the name “Ant’Harratu” really mean something in ancient Egyptian just like the word “nether” is pretty damn close to the ancient Egyptian words for deity “Ntr”?

I think that is makes a pretty interesting discussion and as you know, I like to make quite the research about the entities that I work with. Right now I don’t work with ant’Harratu but worked excessively with him before.

Blessings, have good Sunday people!