The importance/necessity of pain .:


Pain/ desire,
it makes you question and act.

People left their country, survived wars, build houses and sky scrapers, invented things
~did actually thought about things, because they felt pain/desire!

Without the pain, of seeing a week and useless body, i wouldn’t have fought for loosing weight for example.

Because “feeling good” is a drug.

People that feel “good”, are controllable.
People that feel “good”,don’t question, but just observe.
People that feel “good” don’t change.
People that feel “good” are not focused.
People that feel “good”, do not evolve!
People that feel “good”, are mortal.
People that feel “good”, feel complete -even if they are not.
People that feel “good”, are human.

Without desire, without pain, is your life just a short drug dream that repeats itsself, because you don’t
have the means to evolve in ONE take.

Without pain, life is not worth livin’.We’re all demons today,
Come down and feel the pain
Burst right through you,
And makes a hole in your soul.
I don’t care what you been told and now I carry you,
And as a soldier of misfortune and ultimate doomsayer;
I want you to feel,
And I know you will,
And everything you see will bleed straight through reveal the truth.
Anything can happen you say,
I never tried to get it,
I never tried to fit in,
And now I’m falling through.Fire,
When ready,
FIRE!!I’m human too you know,
Soul’s dead.
I’m human too you know,
I’ll hold you down you’ll be my,
Bait I’ll throw you to my,
Slaves that stick to my lies and everything is shallow.

But, maybe am i just not human enough to want this?

I don’t want to be human. Because i’m in some way not, do i have this distance and can observe humanity better than they would.


And too much pain causes post traumatic stress disorder, how is that any beneficial?


Obviously, is desire not a really constructive thing if it becomes stagnant.
~Stagnation kills. We need change. And desire pushes you forward.
Desire brings change. And itself should also transform.

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Well said.

One of the demons I’m working with said to me that being “human” equates to being in prison, that we’re so much more than mere over-evolved apes.

Sadly, most people don’t know that. They, instead of evolving further (we are literally capable of evolving in any direction we so desire), humans of today seek to degenerate as they pursue their hedonistic urges and overall act as over-glorified apes.

People just want to feel amazing, not become something amazing.


What I think OP means is that you can’t go through life without experience pain in one way or another. Dismissing the negative aspect of the experience of life is a life in neglect. There’s people pretending to live a perfect life, wearing masks in public, maybe because of fear. The result is similar to the #MeToo outcry we read about now. That is a problem that should have been dealt with when it happened, but most of them didn’t do that for several reasons. Just my thoughts.


@succupedia I understand that we can’t go through life without any pain, and that it can OCCASIONALLY be beneficial. What I don’t agree with is the new age movement that everything has to be a lesson, that you should see positive in absolutely everything etc!


It’s not New Agey at all, actually. Maybe the word “pain” should be replaced with the word “problem” to be more precise.

But the point is still the same, there always needs to be a problem for there to be growth. Once you resolve problem X, problem Y emerges. To have a state without problems implies stagnation, no progress, nothing.

It’s not about positivity or lessons or anything. It’s a natural process. For there to be progress, there must be something that conflicts with the current order.


@Baal True, the word pain can be misleading. And you’re right when you say that humans are in prison and I personally want to escape from this prison. I guess if I felt good on earth I wouldn’t try to escape by ending the cycle of reincarnation.


I was once was with buddhism, so i’m not used to call things in a way that doesn’t suit them:

Desire is/causes pain. And the pain feels more intense if the desire is not “fulfilled”,
but desire never goes away, “piece”/fulfillment is a lie, because it is just the desire that feels well fed,
its not gone, it will return with many children.

Exactly. On a side note, disregard of this fundamental principle is how humans have broken evolution.

I think pain is over rated, though. Problems to be solved are absolutely essential in avoiding stagnation, but there are such things as good problems to have. Ever have too many awesome choices? Or in another instance, I know a guy who had the problem of making too much money last year. He would have been smashed with taxes, so he addressed the problem by educating himself on how to remedy that situation instead of just cutting a check. He saved some cash and came out of situation far more capable, resulting in positive change which spawned by a positive problem. I hope I have that problem some day, lol.

Pain is an inevitability in life and can also initiate change, but I honestly do not see the point of repetition of those instances if I can help it.

I do not agree with this at all, and it really is a perspective thing. It goes back to what I said above. After you get enough mistakes out of the way you clear the slate for the good shit to happen, and all those good problems to have that come with it. I still want to avoid stagnation but I also like being happy, and I refuse to compromise on one over the other. I do not see any reason why a happy individual cannot avoid being controlled, not question, stagnate, lack focus, or lack completion. Also, we are all in a human form, regardless of your state of consciousness. I do not see any reason why a happy person cannot ascend beyond that perceived restriction. It really comes down to your mindset and which paradigm of thinking you choose for yourself; it is a choice.

Also consider that happy people are completely capable of kicking ass, lol. Consider the case of the late Bruce Lee. Was he always happy? Of course not, he was human. But he was a generally positive person and achieved greatness in the things he valued. He also kicked a lot of ass.


What a weird coincidence, don’t wanna go into details but a couple of hours ago, I was scratching my body with a sharp objects to induce pain, it’s still burning as I speak, it was done for ritual purposes. This is actually the first time I have done this but I plan to continue.

I never said that you should harm yourself.
~Some technique that someone showed me recently for instance, was to forget pain, -justified worries for example, and that would lead into some hollow “fulfillment”,
which would block any progress.

If everything seems fine, there would be no reason to move on.

But in generally, i’m not that interested in re-explaining my terms over and over again.
I just note that you don’t get it, thats fine for me.

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I never did either. We experience pain. I simply choose to learn from it. This serves two purposes: I change, usually for the better, and now I have one less thing to clog the flow of good things.

I agree with this. The difference between a happy sheep and a happy magician, IMO, is contentment. I am never content, so I am always pushing forward. If things are bad I try to make them better. If things are going good I try to make them great.

I think I do get it, and I do recognize the importance of pain as vehicle for change and growth, but I am choosing hold no active desire for suffering as a catalyst for change. Like I said, happy is a way of thinking more than it is an emotional state. Honestly, though, I consider myself more based than anything.

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Same. I have a hunch that our prison sentence is about to end, very soon.

Nah. Wanting to break the cycle of reincarnation isn’t necessarily a product of someone’s discontent with this world. Anyone with enough reason and empathy can see just how unnecessarily brutal, and degenerate the human race is, compared to its potential. As I’ve said previously, we have the potential to become gods, some of us are already gods, others are gods in the making. And then you have the majority of people who stay in the state of an overly-evolved ape and nothing more.

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Materialism is a big part of what will hinder our evolution.

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