The howling

Ok so last night I was awoken from that in between sleep. Where your kinda asleep but not…lol if that makes sense.
But I was jarred fully awake when I heard howling that I’ve never heard before.
And yes it could be natural. But I’ve lived in the country my whole life. Dead end dirt roads surrounded by woods. That’s nothing new for me. I’ve heard coyotes, wolves, a panther scream, whip o’ whils, hoot owls.

This was insane and so freaking close. It had every animal on my road going crazy. My sisters little dogs the neighbors dogs, even my poor gecko was out of his rock .
The first howl was so close it had to be almost in my yard but being half asleep I jolted up and listened again…think I might havery been dreaming. But it was still out there howling. Long howls like a lone Wolf howling at the moon. But different.
All the dogs in the neighbor hood went crazy at once.
Now usually if a stray dog or cat comes through my sisters dogs wI’ll yap and bark until they leave and them when the stray hits the neighbors yard their dog chico will bark and so on til it’s out of the neighborhood.
This wasn’t like that . This had them all on red alert at once.
Tonight is a new moon. I’ve said before werewolf stuff happens to me closer to the new moon than the full.
I don’t know but judging by that howl there was a beast about.

I know everything isn’t supernatural crazy shit. But I can still here that howling.
And our dogs have gotten so used to the coyotes that they hardly phase them any more.


Dont discount any of it.
I have heard the most horrific screams over where i stay at, especially during meditation. It ranged from a female child, to a grown man. But whatever it was…they were going through some torture. I didnt get to hear the end result, but i think they may have transformed
It always happens without fail around 2-3 A.M.


Yes!! It was 2:15 am when I looked at the clock.

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Who knows…the veil gets thin as fuck, Shapeshifting is becoming easier, and more “things” are being released to the physical.

Either A: Work on (or continue to work on) shapeshifting and get ready for one hell of a transformation

Or B: Have your shotgun ready just incase something scratches at your window

Either way, you heard it for a reason. Hell, it was solid enough that almost everybody there heard it. It meant to make its presence known


I agree. I wasn’t really scared though, just curious about it. But not curious enough to go out at 2 am with a flashlight! :joy::joy:

But it definitely was making its presents known. Also, agree about the shotgun I’ve seen some crazy stuff from wild boars to alligators to panthers.


Haha Wild Boar! Thats my animal form when i Soul Travel at times.
And no i wasnt snooping around your house :joy:

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Haha its been a few years ago that I saw the boar…but now I know :joy:

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