The Hindu Pantheon

Could someone give me a basic rundown of each and what they do, what they like, what they dislike?


I don’t know much (especially about their likes) but I read Krishna likes music and butter and can play the flute and Shiva apparently likes meditating. Haven’t read up on them much yet.


There’s a trinity in the Hindu Pantheon- Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Shiva)

Brahma is the creator. As far as I know he is not worshipped, because he made a woman/the female form-his own daughter and lusted after her.

Vishnu-the protector. As the name says, he protects the universe.

Mahesh/Shiva- the destroyer. He destroys, basically. Ego death. Destroying to pave way for the new.

Each deity has multiple forms. And deities have their children who are also gods. Including the goddesses.

@Twilight_Dragon can add more, because my knowledge of the hindu pantheon is quite limited


You got the main ones down for Sure!

The trinity were different in older times though I think Narayan was a Sun God and Rudra played a role of been a God of the wild; disease and medicine and was considered to be very terrifying.

There’s many other Gods too

Ganesha is the remove of obstacles who also plays the role of placing obstacles in one’s life so they grow. He loves sweets

Indra is the King of the Heavens and a pretty powerful God unlike the morden depictions he is a God that enjoys luxury, woman, alcohol and even meat.

Agni is fire both calm and wrathful and all offerings in a Hawan are only possible through him

Vayu or Pawan is the wind.he is a powerful entity for warding off spirits

Varuna rules over waters but idk much about him. Working with him for cleansing is good

There’s Durga, Kali, Hanuman, Muruga and more but you can easily find info about them online

Yama is rhe God of death and rhe dead. He is a nice God but can be sadistic to the magician’s enemies and enjoys binding spirits

There’s also A LOT of entities forgotten by Hindus. Aryaman for example and there is a Hindu Godsess I work with but she has told me not to give more info than this for now.

Local deities are also worshipped such as Dee Baba who I wrote a post on

There’s also morden beings like Sai Baba (who to me is just a cult leader) and also plantery Gods (to me they are thoughtforms designed to control people)



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Sai baba was nothing more than a scam
He tried to spread Muslim propaganda through manipulating innocent villagers.


Sathya Sai was even worse. He made everyone dance to his tunes and really was nothing more than a cult leader. However due to the amount of devotees he had he has taken up a very very small status in the Astral. He has jumped into my dreams and temple many times and is very easy to ward off


Wtf didn’t knew that I thought those scammers can’t astral smh

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Some cult leaders do become spirits in the astral due to the amount of people worshipping them its usually very minor like a thoughtform


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Big Dharm Gurus in India who are known as The Shankaracharyas are against the worshipping of Sai Baba. They say he was a fake. Many claim he was a muslim , also he had a Dargah ( Shrine ), He named it Dwarka Mai. I believe him to be a fake Baba.


Sathya Sai Baba claimed himself to be the Avatar or reincarnation of Sai Baba. He’s a cult leader as you said.

The Place where I am living, here, the people love him and worships him.

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Hey Mate! I am a Hindu from India. If you want to learn more about The Hindu Pantheon. I suggest you reading the Granths and Purans. Like Bhagwad Geeta, Mahabharata, Vishnu Puran, Shiv Puran and there are many If you do a Google search :mag:.

Thanks :heart::blush:


Might I add to Seekthebeyond, the Ramayana as well. If you don’t want to read, the ramayana has also been made into a movie! The Mahabharata as well.


How the hell did I miss this epic!

I recommend Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana and Mahabharata. It’s a serial.