The Hierophant

Hmm. Looking at the deck used, I’d say your interpretations are actually accurate. You also seem to be paying more attention to your overall reading and taking further note of details in the cards’ imageries. Nice observation with connecting both globes in the different cards, as that’s also one of things I’ve noticed for the first question’s possible answer(s). :slight_smile:

Connecting it with spirituality seems spot-on as Wands could stand for such, but in addition to that I felt it could also include the more mundane meanings/reasons in this situation. In fact, the first thought I had in mind when I read this was, “Where and how are you directing/using all your energy/power to/for?” which could also be associated with Wands. Perhaps one of the main lessons/purposes of this situation is to make you pay attention in what way exactly you are centering your focus/drive/willpower on certain things/people and how there should be changes made in how you do so. For example, are you focusing your energy on things/people that are truly fitting for you or your life in general? Or are you wasting it on things/people that you know can’t really return the same “all in” energy you put out, but you still do so anyway? The prominence of Wands could also be about how this may simply be a time of movement for you, which could correlate with the “time for change” interps you’ve already typed here.

You have a repeating card with the Wheel of Fortune again lol. I’ve noticed that no matter your question about this topic, the WoF pops up in different positions. Have you tried taking the WoF out from the deck and asking what it really wants to tell you? Draw another card for what it means? Usually, when you get a repeating card in different positions/questions, that card has a personal message you might need to hear. Anyway.

It could be read as that since seeing the WoF imagery in that deck, my eyes were immediately drawn to the woman who was holding a pair of scissors (if I Googled it correctly lol) on the side, as if saying, “Things have gone as far as they could have gone now. They cannot go on the way they are anymore” and proceeding to make the right cut on the silks/ropes/cords being woven in front of her by the other two women. Perhaps the situation has gotten you stuck in quite the rut and state of stagnancy, hence the symbolism of cutting cords/ties + the woman on the other side beginning to weave anew in the card = in order to get you back up and moving forward.

I’m also seeing another interp here wherein the Ace of Wands in this case could be a significator for him (the man holding a globe) and you, in turn, could be the woman in The Lovers card who’s also holding a globe. One reason that this situation could have happened is because both of you are simply living and functioning in different “worlds” so to speak (the different globes they are holding) and one or both of you may not be willing to make the necessary sacrifices and have their own “world” turned upside-down just to pursue a stable relationship. Notice how both figures have very different backgrounds/landscapes where they are in the card imageries? It could simply be a matter of incompatibility when it comes to practicalities and other stuff such as lifestyle, beliefs, worldviews, etc. (going back to The Hierophant card again with this interp) and unwillingness to either change or compromise that for anyone.

Another reason I’m getting about why this situation happened is more for you. Seeing The Lovers at first glance, I thought, “Well, it’s obviously because he is so indecisive when it comes to the women or other people involved in this situation, duh”. However, delving deeper into The Lovers in combination with the other cards, I felt that all these three women in front of the man could represent YOU. Have you, perhaps, tried to fit yourself into the mold of what he usually likes in women/people in general… or maybe his expectations/perceptions of you, whether or not they were actually who/how you truly are? Did you find yourself either undermining or over-emphasizing certain part of yourself to keep his attention throughout the connection? Or maybe you felt that the only times the connection seemed to work is when you played a specific part depending on his mood/preference, yet when you begin to stand in your power (the queenly figure holding a globe), it’s retreat time for him (the man looking confused as heck in the queen’s direction, as if wondering what she is even doing there).

Furthermore, the confused man in the card looks like a shepherd to me. This man may be used to people or situations with a “sheep” type of mentality to them, if you will. I’m not referring to you practising magick = not of the norm hence him being all confusing with you, but it’s more of… him wanting to be the guide/having the final say in certain matters. He could also be used to and finds comfort in the “herd” and how the herd around him has ever since influenced/showed him how to do things, hence the situation between you resulting into nothing but “shepherding”/leading you around until he feels that he has led you as far as it could go and that’s it. However, I feel that throughout all of these if it does resonate, you were no “sheep” and in fact quite aware of what he’s doing even though you did not show it. It’s just that you chose to follow your feelings for him… and now there goes the second reason for this situation: to take back your power and individuality (also associated with Wands) after this experience. This is echoed by the WoF, which I could also see in this context as the three women once again representing all of you: you had a hand in creating this situation (the first weaver), you can weave anew and choose what you will weave every time (the other weaver) and either stop, control, cut or manage what you are weaving (the woman with the scissors). You are not as helpless in this situation as you might think/feel you are.

Also, this situation could also be an ongoing cycle that needs to be closed out for some time now (the small people climbing up the wheel without success), hence why the separation happened.

I think I’ve already included the lesson in the first interp I’ve provided, oops. Especially now that I’ve taken a look at the imagery of both cards, I’d say that the lessons you might learn from this situation are those revolving around reclaiming your own power, forward movement, self-possession (the first word that popped into my head when I saw the Queen of Wands in this deck), lighting a “fire” not to draw others in to you attraction-wise or warm others up for company but to light and lead your own way instead (the Page of Wands).

The lesson could also be about strength as you said, but I’m seeing this again as more of the self-possessed kind of strength. You know that type of strength that doesn’t shout or boast, “Here I am!”, instead they simply let their presence be felt (or not felt, depends on the people around) and calmly speak for themselves, “I am here”? That’s the type of vibes I got from the Queen of Wands in this deck, along with the facial expression of the Page of Wands who, while jumping and flying on air, still maintains a calm yet focused expression.

Another lesson I could see you gaining from this experience is a deeper look (and maybe change, if you feel like doing so) on the way you act on your problems/conflicts in general, as seen in the PoW card with the hills below him (which I’m seeing could symbolize obstacles). Do you “power” through the inevitable obstacles in your way? Or do you give up your power in response? Do you let a specific problem immediately dictate your sense of confidence/motivation/passion in all aspects of your life? Or maybe it’s the opposite: maybe you immediately make a move out of impulsivity and don’t think or consider things first before you act on the problem? You might be so focused on quickly getting the problem done and over with that it’s not actually being resolved in the long run, you’re just moving on/away from it. How about your temper when things don’t go your way? Do you let your temper get the best of you and say/do things you only mean in that certain moment, but not really in all honesty? Or do you push down any form of self-expression, preferring to keep everything that should be expressed buried deep inside and letting other things/people bring those reactions/expressions out of you instead?

These are only some of the questions I could think of, since the lessons for this situation are Wands-related. And since you’ve already listed the spirituality aspect, there you go. Will be commenting on the rest of the spread later (the KoS and 8oC) as I still need to look at those cards’ imageries and my Internet’s not quite cooperating ATM with loading the images lol.

Thank you so much for such an in depth interp. I think a total and complete change is needed and necessary. Sadly I have really had that hit me tonight. I am going to change and uproot my life as soon as possible. I’m fighting to keep something in my life that is no longer working anymore. I’m done and over it. I’m out.

I asked the WOF the question and Ace of Cups and The Fool jumped out (The Fool being on top) Sounds like I need to restart my love life anew. Again tonight seems to have placed that in motion. My life as is, im done. Going to move on in a different direction.

Looks like I have greener pastures and he has cold hard behind him. My change is coming. IDK about him. I haven’t tried to fit any certain mold but tried to assure him I was not wanting to upset his life or ask anything of him. Just to be friends and honest with me. I tried to assure he could trust me and all (in over three decades ive never ever done anything to make him distrust me or question me in any way). We flirted a bit and tried to make him as comfortable as possible in talking to me. Nothing fake in any way. Just more relaxed and " laid back". I don’t think I really “played a part” just being more open and honest with him. Just talking and trying for us to get to know each other better. I think growing up and such he did always look at me in a way when my back was to him. That would make sense. I know those feelings on some level were always there. He didn’t really totally deny it when we were speaking. He called me “jailbait” referring to when we were teens (he is four years older) and that’s alot of difference when your 13 and 17 (however he really took notice of me when i was about 15 making him 19.)

He is the trojan Prince Paris sent to judge the beauty contest between Hera, Aphrodite and Athena. But your description makes perfect sense too. You have a warrior, lover and a “mother” as in comfort.

I guess i’ve become just fed up and right now am just ready to make a clean break from my life, walk away and just start new.

I dont really act out of anger unless im hurt in someway or someone does something to someone I care about. I act brave on the outside while inside I may tremble. I dont act on something unless im sure I can succeed on it. And I do tend to “overthink”. But I dont have a problem admitting im wrong when necessary. I will try to better a situation but I dont see a solution, conclusion or betterment. I will walk away. I have as I don’t make myself known to him at all, I dont message him, I surely dont see him as we are on opposite sides of the country. Stings a bit but…

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I actually felt a wave of sadness hit me before opening your response. I’m really sorry if it hit you or stings deeply in any way but at the same time, I think it’s evident that you already know what to do about the situation. I won’t interpret the rest of the cards anymore as I feel like you do understand how to go on from here now. :slight_smile:

I forgot to include my usual spiels in that interp, but I’m glad you’re also taking what resonates and discarding what doesn’t. I did see online that the Mythic Tarot is based on Greek mythology, but I decided not to read the traditional meanings so I could give at least a more personalized interp for your situation lol.

I truly hope you gradually create a closure for yourself in the process as you begin anew on your path. I also forgot to address this previous response of yours:

I remember liking your experience about this and I genuinely look forward to you focusing/working more on this, along with tirelessly learning the Tarot. I don’t have much experiences with King Paimon aside from a very formal convo here and there when it’s needed (we don’t really, er, get along much) but I do feel like he may also help you in healing and starting over again.

Also, random idea: why not start a journal either here or IRL? Not only it could be as an outlet for all your thoughts and emotions, you could also put in all your tarot observations and magickal workings there as well. The entries you make could also serve as something to learn from in the long run.

Last night was a bad night. Heard things said to me that are unforgiveable. I’m outta here. If it weren’t for covid I would be gone but sadly I have to wait for things to open up fully to leave. I’m done. What was said was completely uncalled for and undeserved. Someone got drunk on wine and his “truth” came out. I did a truth spell awhile ago. Damn did I get my truth. But i’m glad too.

Im pretty cool with King Paimon. He really has come through for me in the things ive asked for. He does kind of say “You asked for this” and im like “I know” lol

I have another topic that is kind of like a journal. Sort of turned into one kind of accidently. I write back on it to vent or leave myself notes. I guess this one “kind” of is one as well.

Thank you for every single second you have taken in speaking with me and giving me advice and confirmations of the cards and what ive thought were the meanings.

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