The Hermit Returns To the Inn

Hello Fellows in Esoteric and Strange,

It is your long lost, reclusive acquaintance. I have returned to this lighted inn on the dusty, country road, offering my unsolicited opinions and advice after being away. Though my face and voice may be the same, you will find that I now have a new name—Saga. I felt it was appropriate considering the nature of my practice in storytelling. Also, given some of the advice I’ve received after some bad experiences, pseudonyms are better than being outwardly me when dealing with these types of sensitive topics.

Within this journal, you will find some small notes here and there about things that have happened, as well as some lesson I’ve learned along the way that do not warrant their own thread. I’m sure some of these posts will be crossed-over to my blog in some form when the project returns, but I’ll be sure not to bore anyone with repeated content.

TL:DR – Within this journal, you can find the following:

  • Anecdotes from my experiences in the occult
  • Updates on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to
  • That ole’ serpent, Mr. Mysterious (he’s still around, surprisingly)

I find that I work better with these mediums, because all-around I’m a terrible friend who can’t balance my obligations, writing, and relationships correctly.

As with any post that you read by me, on this forum or elsewhere, remember that you should always take the information presented with a grain of salt. As a human, my experiences will contain personal bias, opinions, and the like. Anyone who claims to know the ultimate truth is just trying to sell you something. Find your own truth.


Very stoked to read the updates and happy to have ya back!!


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