The Hauntings of Pine Lane

About 3 1/2 years ago my sister , my brother in law, their kids and my kids lived in a house that was at the end of a dead end lane.

We call the house , the house on Pine Lane or simply Pine Lane.

Now my sister and brother in law moved in first. And my sister never liked staying there alone she would always ask me to come over if my brother in law had to work.
This eventually just led to me moving in to help out and make things easier.

Now during this time I was just starting to get into magick. So, I no idea of what to do about somethings that went on in this house. This is also the house where Azazel found me.

The first thing I noticed was that I never liked being in my sister and her husband’s bedroom.
At first I chalked it up the fact I dont like being in a couples bedroom. I feel like thats their sacred space. Its where they make love and such. And to me it always feels like going in a couples room is invading their private space.

But then I noticed my sister slept more on the couch than in her room. When I asked about it I learned I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like that room.

Our bedrooms were at the end of a long hallway my sister’s on the right and mine straight across the hall on the left.

My nephews room was just up the hall closer to the living room and the bathroom right across from them.
If you stood in the living room you could look straight down the hall. On the wall at end of the hall was a huge mirror.
I began to see what appeared to be a shadow figure move from my sister’s room through the hall and go into my room.
Things started small and built up.

My sister claimed before I moved in she went in what would be my room and saw a pair of cowboy boots. Only no one wore cowboy boots or even owned any.

There was and incident one day where my sister and I were in the kitchen my little nephew was playing with a water gun. He wondered off into my sister’s room playing. All of a sudden hes running back into the kitchen saying , mommy mommy Johnny Johnny …
The problem is we have no one named Johnny. There was no one in my sister’s room and no TV.
We can only guess that Johnny must be our cowboy. And little nephews water gun got a reaction from him. That scared our poor baby.

You could sit in the living room or kitchen and a ‘ting’. It sounds like when the chain of a ceiling fan hits one of the lights on it. Only when you investigate the fans nor lights to fans were on. And the chains were still.

My sister hung a mirror on the wall in the living room that would never stay hung. It would always fall. She finally gave up.
There was a sunroom just off the living room that toys would start talking on there own. Yea could been low batteries but there were no batteries.

A train just started moving across the floor on it’s own.

One night I woke and went to get a glass of water. My nephew woke and wanted a cup so I made his cup got me a drink and then we both walked down the hall. He went right to his parents room, I went left to my room. I always locked my door.
I woke later and the shadow person went straight through me. It felt like wind that actually goes through you.
Then I thought I saw my nephew playing with stuff on my night stand … Only to realize the next morning that there was no way it could have been him. My door was locked.

Another time my sister had a bear that was our grandpas. She kept it put up on the top shelf of the boys bedroom closet. But she would always find it on the floor . she thought the boys were moving furniture and climbing up to get the bear.
So, she moved to her bedroom dresser .

Now I was in my room and I heard a male voice say don’t mess with it it was her grandpa’s.
I assumed it was my brother in law telling the boys not to play with it.
Only he was not in that room or hallway but in the living room with everyone else. And there was no other man in the house.

One night I heard a little boy crying for his mama. I thought it was one of my nephews. The next morning I asked my sister which one of the boys was crying so bad.
She said it wasn’t my boys. It was that little boy you see.

My sister always woke my brother in law up before she went to work. She went to work first. And she would wake him to walk her to the door and lock it back.

One morning he followed my sister all the way to the door and then she was gone. He realized he had opened the door for her an hour earlier.
Now we could say sleep walking on that except for this. One day I can home from work early and was sitting on the couch , it was a wrap around so someone could come in walk behind the couch and go down the hall.

I was sitting there and heard the door open…
Some one walked to the living room and heard my sister laugh and say don’t tell my brother law. Then I see my sister walk down the hall. The problem is my sister was still at work. I searched the whole house and no one waa there except me. I can only think she had a doppleganger.

Sometimes you could hear something like cannon going off. It would shake the whole house. As far as I know no one close by owned cannons…

My daughter would wake up and see a little girl watching her.

There was another shadow type person who would follow us to the steps but never go in. And that one followed me when I moved.
Which I wrote about here Something follows me

There was so much activity in that house. And I wish I could go back and study it more now. But someone lives there.