The guises of the morrigan

Should anyone has the pdf for the guises of the morrigan, please send it my way!

Thank you :black_heart:


Sorry, but it is against the forum rules to link pirated/copyrighted material.


And bingo was his namo.

Anyway I have a lot of information about her off the top of my head and I’ve worked with her before so I’m willing to share.


Omg! Could you pm me?



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What do you want to know about Morrigan?


I’m sorry I didn’t know!


Alot, I wanna know more bout Morrigan!

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Okay :slight_smile:
Well what do you know already?
Some feel if she calls you can work with her and others feel you can call her but it’s really like any other Spirit, if she ignores you at first it doesn’t mean she won’t work with you.
Morrigan is known as a watcher.

I haven’t read Guises yet but I’ve heard it’s a good one on her. I have two others that are not too bad either I could give you the titles if you want.

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I don’t know much but she has peaked my interested, and I’m quite drawn to her and that speaks quite alot cause I don’t know much about her.

Well she’s been known as a sorceress, a warrior, a mother, a banshee, and a Fae among other things. She’s been called a triple Goddess but the older myths don’t hold down just three.

Working with her she’s a no nonsense Goddess but she will get very invested in you and your well being.
I’d suggest a book by Stephanie Woodfield for details on her seasons, animal correspondences, and a good list of her different aspects.

The one lady I always recommend is Joey Morris on YouTube. Almost all her videos are about Morrigan and I feel she does an excellent job of discussing Morrigan.



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Yasssss thank you so much! I’ll see what I can dig into! Heeheee :black_heart:

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Morrigan is very powerful, great for baneful magic. A beautiful, dark, powerful, bloodthirsty Goddess. Congratulations if you’re attuned to her you will have lots of power.

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Morrigan is great for any magick.

Anyone care to share their experiences with the Morrigan? I’ve recently begun to cultivate a relationship with her.

Sure, what questions do you have?

Well, I don’t know how to astral travel yet. I was wondering if anyone has met The Morrigan on the astral plane and what she was like. How does one know that it’s The Morrigan your meeting on the astral plane and not an impostor pretending to be The Morrigan?

I’ve tried astral travel several times and for me it’s really difficult.