The Guardian Alliance

“The Guardian Alliance is an intergalactic coordination of benevolent intelligences whose mission is to protect Planet Earth from danger while helping humans to evolve spiritually.”


They makes me curious. Some people swear by them and they’re told to enhance human psy abilities (amongst many other things).

They offer several paths of mastery :

Physical Mastery - Samurai, Warrior, Yogi
Emotional Mastery - Weaver, Dakini, Maven
Mental Mastery - Wizard, Architect, Developer
Interpersonal Mastery - Healer, Ecologist, Caretaker
Communicative Mastery - Bard, Artist, Speaker
Spiritual Mastery - Spiritwalker, Shaman, Sage

Found also that book that talk about them :

Some of you know them ?

Never heard of them but they remind me of the Wingmakers.


Ah, Ashayana Deane… if I am not mistaken she is also known as Anna Hayes. I will not judge the Guardian Alliance based on her, but she is not something that I would encourage people to follow. I cannot begin to explain all the stuff, just find a pdf of some of her publications and you will soon find yourself travelling down paths of the 85th Destiny Diamond-Body Regal Matrices and the threat of the Star Demonic Annanuki Disaster Lords… I would recommend reading her. However, the Guardian Alliance itself… I’ll have to check it out.

The wingmakers has about the hugest library of free shit on those topics I have ever seen. It’s very much rooted into the Pleidian current of stuff, but overall I can’t fault them. They may be a bit airy, but their work is not without merit.

Thanks guys.

I’ve suscribed to the Guardian Alliance newsletter. I’ll let you know whether there’s something valuable.


I don’t know whether I should hate them because they’re making my food stronger, or to like them because they’re making dinner more likely to survive until I get to it.

An interesting situation.