The Grimoire of Tiamat is creepily familiar

I’ve recently started reading this book and the description of the Tiamat current matches an experience I had during a meditation a while back. It was a very intense experience and maybe this book can help me build on it. Loving it so far. :blue_heart:


So cool to hear about this. Tiamat is indeed a powerful Goddess.


And terrifying. Have you done any work with her?

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Yes. I have.
And on a few occasions.
She is not my Patron Goddess though.
Is she yours ?


Why terrifying ???


She is not my matron. Something that is very powerful, and does not feel obligated to be kind to anyone or anything, always inspires both fear as well as respect. It’s nothing bad, just natural. I was using the word Terrifying with a tone of reverence.


She can be quite intense, it’s a reminder that one day we will return to the nothingness that begat everything. It’s not yet though so working with her is awesome and powerful. We like her must become more than human and our finite selves and become eternal chaos.


Can certainly be intense no doubt, though as intense as I’ve found her to be, I personally believe her energy to be beautiful and though technically a goddess of chaos, I find her to be rather ordered and soothing. She has led me to doors that at the time I wasn’t prepared to walk through or open, though I suspect those doors were recently opened and passed through.