The Grim Reaper/Angel of Death

For those of you who believe that entities exist outside of our imagination and/or are not the product of humans’ creation, do you think that The Angel of Death exists? In other words, when we die, will he come to usher us into a different plane of existence? Or is that just a story that was intended to strike fear into people? Have anybody evoked him?

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90% of entities that exist outside of our “imagination” were created by someone’s imagination and then gains some reality in someone else’s imagination and then it takes on a life of it’s own.

Most Gods are like this. in the thought realm like attracts like so It’s more like, one group identifies an energy force and they give it a name and a personality to anthropomorphize the force into a human semblance to better understand and comprehend the force. (the God of horses is a horse! of course of course :wink: but if all the ponies out there identify the same force they would say it’s a pony.

Where as to an observer we would say that this deity is a representation of all equine creatures. So then we have the “Masks” many energy forces wear and it is through these masks given to them by humans and ingrained into the collective subconscious, that they are able to take on a personality and form that we can relate to and interact with.

Thanks for your input. Your view is very popular. It may be correct. I am an extreme novice, so I don’t have any real ground to defend with authority any position on the true nature of demons. But I do know that I am only able to maintain an interest in a truly theistic view of magick (meaning, a concept in which demos exist apart from any human influence). For those who share a similar view as me, I’m interested in hearing your views on my question about the Angel of Death.

I mostly see the angel of death as manifestation of jewish folklore. The reaper though…

They started appearing in casual reality during the black plague. holding their scythes in the fields outside infected villages. Along with numerous ufo sightings at the times they can be attributed to hallucinations caused by those dying from the plague. This correlation could be viewed in more recent times as the men in black/ufo sightings as they (men and black and grim reapers) have different methods for keeping humanity down.

There is more than one angel of death, but I assume you are asking is there a “THE” angel of death?

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Yes RavensAscent. The scary one. Ha.

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I think he’s referring to Azrael.

Rumi wrote a story once,called ‘‘A Man Faces Azrail’’ I believe,which was actually pretty interesting.Not very relevant,though for some reason I thought you should read that story,since when I read it,I could feel Azrael’s energy behind it somehow.Can’t explain,but Rumi WAS a Sufi mystic,so,he may have had contact with the angel.

In any case,worth looking into.

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I have always said, it depends upon what the observer believes as to how an entity will manifest before them. I’m thinking it is more of a metaphor, the grim reaper, something that religious expect to see when they die to take them to either heaven or Hell. But angel of death is more along the lines of an angel that works with death energy. Now, don’t get me wrong, as Adam mentioned most of these entities we evoke are just someone else’s thoughtform and lots of people believe in the grim reaper so it’s probably very possible to evoke that essence and have it speak to and interact with you.

But do I think Azrael appears to people before they die, dressed in an all black cloak from head to toe with a scythe, a skull shaped face and glowing eyes? No. But if you believe in it enough then when you die you may very well be met by a scary and dark reaper to guide you to wherever you think you are going. I mean reapers are said to take you to your rightful place in death right, heaven or hell? Well if you don’t believe in either heaven or the christian hell or eternal damnation and punishment in the afterlife then you would not need any type of being to say come on, let’s go, I will take you to your rightful place.

Now I do believe there are certain types of spirits that will guide you when you die to help you make sense of your new reality but not to force you to a place that Jehovah has judged and assigned you to.