The great work



When you see dots, then your your journey begins.
Harness your thoughts, or the dots become pins.
These dots will take shape into pictures with time,
their messages clear, their meaning sublime.
On every person there lives a mighty great cord,
a higher connection, a sacred light sword
that separates all that is true from the dark,
that connects everyone to the source of their spark.
The primary cord is quite sacred and true,
but there are others less clean, filled with
sewage and goo.
When connection is jammed, cut off, or just lost,
then darkness attaches, at quite a great cost.
Dark matter is fluid and takes many shapes—
learn to decipher what gives and what takes.
Baggage that’s psychic is real to each man.
Some lug it around for a whole lifespan.
Personal demons attach to their host.
Take care to learn which ones harm the most.
Beware the stories the lower self does tell
to oneself, to the world, it can rot like a smell.
Energy vampires can take many forms.
In flesh and in spirit, they drain and deform.
Study the parastraws, tentaclaws, too—
they suction the light off of me, off of you.
Your spark burns so bright they are
drawn to the glare.
The darkness wants light,
so proceed with great care!
They’ll gather like moths when your energy leaks
and peck at your source with invisible beaks.
With free-floating bugs please use caution! Beware!
The darkness will cluster round ray light so rare.
Guard yourself from their parasites’ extension cords.
Be hypnotized by neither their dances nor swords.

  • The 7 rays