The great key of Solomon vs key of Solomon

So i been wondering if this two books are the same? I just ordered the key of Solomon and the Lesser key then I also saw the great key and i was afraid to buy it cause i might buy the same book as the key of Solomon.


I know about the Greater key, and Lesser Key. How about I send you the pdf or the link of the greater or grand key of Solomon? Free download. Then you can compare it.

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I got the key of Solomon the king. Should i buy the great key of solomon king or is the same book?

You mention there is also grand key of Solomon king?
That’s interesting I should look into that

And i also just got

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Yes i would like to see the pdf please. Even tho i will still buy the hard copy. I like to collect occult books

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Check here search for the book, download free and compare it.


Thank you very much! I appreciate it .

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