The Golden Age of Magick

Today I received a vision, a timeline if you will regarding the upcoming Golden Age

The vision had a time stamp for in between 2060 and 2300

I was shown around 2050 ish there was going be a big shift on the planet

And around 2060 I started to see visions of many shamans, magicians, witches, sorcerers, Gods and spirits from the otherworld building the new world through magick

And that this period we’re in as a collective in the world for the next 15-20 years had a lot to do with purging old realities that no longer fit into this new shift

I saw by 2300 we are “supposedly” going to be living in a much brighter world that is founded on magick and magick taken to a whole another level

Things like telekinesis, levitation etc. the things I’ve been talking about more from my revelations on the 72 challenge, are going to become apart of our every day lives (allegedly don’t wanna trigger UPG nutts)

A buried secret was coming back to the surface, which many ancient civilizations like the Atlanteans and ancient Egyptians possessed

And this secret was the true nature of the Magick we hold in our DNA, and that there are opposing forces doing the best they can to keep us from activating this DNA but over the ages these forces became less effective in keeping us in chains

It is said that evil carries the seed of its own destruction because it is self defeat against its collective and thus itself

I was shown the psychedelic experiment that went out of control which lead to the hippie movement was one of these events where these forces energetically started to lose control

And I was shown this would lead to in the future the creation of pshycedelic parks where people can tap in and experience their magick and that it would somehow bridge western societies with ancient spiritual traditions

Substances like marijuana and psychedelics are already becoming decriminalized and medicinalized for people so if that were to develop into something more then this vision would prove to be accurate

But the peak point of this was living the way humans used to back in the last Golden Age, where we had all of our Siddhis and powers unlocked and fully active

The massive numbers of people that would be energetically activated and using magick would shift the collective consciousness experience into a more magickal reality and beings from the Otherworld would begin coexisting with us in the same bandwidth again

Another vision that connected to this was the merging of a lot of the dimensional layers of our planet so we would become more interactive with non human entities on the planet that have been here for a long time

It seemed pretty awesome, Magick became a science and all traditions, their knowledge and practice all became one through humans understanding of the sacred science, like a one world religion even though that sounds kinda New World Orderish, that wasn’t the vibe I got, and I’m sure many on here can relate

But I also saw the interesting part EA Koetting played in this puzzle, and it seemed he was bridging the more old and darker forms of magick to a broader understanding and that this would somehow unlock new dimensional keys in regards to how we understand the nature of Magick even the “dark” side, it would basically be a stepping stone for something greater and more powerful by digging up the old and putting hidden puzzle pieces together that have been buried for a long time

Which honestly I can see very clearly looking at this forum, anyone that is a consistent member and reader on this forum can drastically increase their magickal potential and break free from the traditional chains and limitations with practice

We live in a very important time right now, our evolution as magicians in general is a legacy that is almost beyond comprehension, it’s like we’re doing the down and dirty work and digging up the hidden knowledge so that future generations will be fully connected to the All seeing eye and will have a full understanding of their consciousness, their magick, they will be chaos and order fully self actualized Gods in human form

And through these stepping stones we will get to a point where nothing will become beyond the mind and it’s divine light

From my understanding we’re at the end of something that is very old, we’re at the beginning of the end of the fallen reality and we’re birthing the new original design by plugging back into spirit

Mastery over collective human chaos

I’m open to feedback down below

And if you’ve had any visions regarding this timeline or something similar, please share :clinking_glasses:


I’ve also had the intuition that human society is steadily moving away from a materialist paradigm and into a new, more supernal one. However it’s important to remember that the future is never set in stone, and even if this does occur it’s going to bring the bad along with the good. For now I’m just going to focus on putting one foot in front of the other and tackle the issues as they occur.

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Yeah exactly, timelines are always shifting but I do feel certain things are meant to be, certain things are inevitable by nature


Is there a reason why it’s now and not earlier when there were more practicing magicians across the world? Back when religion, magickal practice etc. was the norm rather than science? I find it difficult to imagine that such a change would come about when there’s been a general regression of magic in favour of scientific method and explanation for phenomena.

To my knowledge we’re in a different part of space now that increasing the vibration of atoms in the sun, the planets and ourselves

The vibration is higher

This started happening a long time ago but the main quantum leap began in 2012

Before that there was still a lot of darkness in the field, we were blind to the matrix more because there wasn’t the same photonic light in the field

Now things are much faster and hotter because the sun rays are much more intense and it’s actually activating DNA as well and with that a higher consciousness is emerging

This period was talked about in ancient cultures and prophecies

It’s also called the Black out period, it lasts between 15 to 20 years, where humanity has become negligent of the earth, the animals and themselves, during the blackout these things come to light, so “this is the way the world is” isn’t an excuse for humans being toxic anymore

Gaia is fed up basically, we’ve been doing this work for lifetimes hence why probably Magick traditions and knowledge survived but we’re getting to a place in our evolution where things are become more diverse, open minded and transparent, it’s the age of Aquarius, the age of illumination

This age comes with it’s own electromagnetic signature and our planet and consciousness will adapt accordingly, those that cannot adapt will pass away to continue their lessons in another 3rd dimensional experience

I enjoy divinatory speculating, but I just like to know that being in a world with more illuminated beings would be pretty lame if I didn’t cultivate my siddhis cause I spent all this time thinking instead of cultivating.

Sometimes I’d think it would be implausible for more widespread use of magick due to the learning required, but I’m no longer all that surprised by how little many dive into it. Everyone affirmationing and saying their power words I could see. No matter how cool it is, lots of things are cool, never underestimate the power of not being fucked to do something. It’s not like now you have potions class and the trolls come out spelunking sometimes.

I don’t really care cause my life is pretty cool.

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If it is the will of The One, it is the will of The One.

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