The Godlike Powers Course 1 & 2

Has anyone taking the first or second course? Anyone who has I would like to know what your experiences have been.

Are you referring to the Mastering Divination and Evocation courses?

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Yes and soul travel which I’m not clear on exactly what that is by the way other than it’s supposed to be step above astral projection.

Astral projection is considered soul travel too. Latter is a broader term, in Koettings description. Includes astral plane and the higher ones.

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They’re pretty useful if you’re a beginner. The evocation course especially. That is the one I’d start with

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And that is where I am. I like reading his books but I have yet to get to the practicing stage. Although personally I’m more interested in the soul travel and the divinatory course as I’m more interested in talking with spirts than I am asking them to do stuff.

Well, the evocation course teaches you how to talk to spirits. And if you master evocation, it can open all the other doors of divination and soul travel.

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Perhaps I should start with that course first then and buy more later as needed. I just saw that EA is having a sale right now and 3 course or 6 courses together just seemed like a deal. Maybe one is all I need though for now Idk. Thanks Verdo.

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I have all three of the Mastering courses.

If this is the case, then I would start with the divination course, rather than evocation, because EA covers the same things in it that he does in the first few sections of the evocation course, like getting into the Theta/Gamma Sync and scrying.

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What’s the difference between in course material between evocation and divination/clairvoyance specifically? I know I need to work on my astral senses anyway so if that course is the better than I’ll take it.

Well, the main difference, is, of course, the involvement of spirits. For example, in the evocation course EA provides a pathworking to help develop the senses, involving Sastan, Paralda, and Mepsitahl, whereas in the divination course, I believe he only uses Sastan to aid in scrying (it’s been a while since I’ve watched the divination course though so I could be wrong).

Another difference is in the divination course, EA covers scrying into different mediums, like fire and blood, whereas in the evocation course, he only covers water, as scrying is treated as merely a beginning step in learning to evoke.


Sounds like a good first step. Although I’m curious about the spirts that help develop your senses in the evocation course like Paralda and Mephistahl although I’m sure Sastan is perfectly good on his own. I do wonder though who would get you there faster or if faster should even be the goal? Scrying in fire or blood does that sound fascinating although I’m not sure how practical that is vs something as common as water.