The Goddess Freyja

So recently i have been evoking freyja, inspired by E.A’s viking pathworking course. I don’t do this outside as usually suggested, instead i preform this evocation generally in an unattached room to the house, closer to the outdoors than the rest of it, And i live far out of town anyway. It seems every time i evoke her my mind is transported out of that room and deep into a forest area. Any one have similar experiences or thoughts?


This is coming from a stand point of ignorance, as I’ve never done it, but it sounds like you’re the one being evoked to her realm.

That, or thats just the environment and energy she projects when she comes to you. (JMO and I honestly couldn’t say as I’ve never done it.)


I agree, and actually in my own experience that’s not uncommon with gods and goddesses, they will sometimes take you to see them, so to speak, rather than the other way round.

Why I do not know, but it happens quite a lot.


I can only speak from the stand point of someone who does a lot of traveling to the Gods them selves. I can only agree with kingofharts that it is the energy of Frayja however she does tend to bring her realm with her where ever she goes the same sort of forest tends to appear around Valhalla when she comes to visit

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I’m not an expert, but based on E.A.’s Course, looks like you are doing it the right way!

I’d say it’s legit!

Congrads buddy!!!


The word Friday means “Freyja’s day” and is also related to the Greco-Roman pantheon goddesses Aphrodite/Venus.

Just a little trivia. The day’s we use come from the Norse/Anglo-Saxon culture.

Sunday = Sun or "Son of God"
Monday = Moon
Tuesday = Mars
Wednesday = Woden’s day, Mercury
Thursday = Thor’s day, Jupiter
Friday = See above
Saturday = Saturn

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…which is also connected to the Norse war god Tyr.

This particular day is connected to Odin, which is pretty much revealing by the Swedish translation of “Onsdag”.