The goal of ascension

We often hear rhe term ascension i spiritual circles.what does it mean?does the spiritual trainess see to become an ascended master or a deity or merge with the divine monad?or is the same?if they are different which is considered the best and why?


Depends who you talk to and ultimately what it means to you. For me it is complete freedom from time and space to exist in the realm of pure information and change that at will and thus reality as I see fit. For others it might just be to get laid every day.


It means simply going up.

That’s all it means.

Now, whatever else you want to add into/unto it is up to you

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How I see it; it is meant to open up your full potential of all spiritual abilities which are possible in this dense reality, as a way to prepare for the next higher up plane, there is no moving on to higher grounds without ascension . Why would we want that, well look at this place, why would we not :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s up to choice, any achievement not bringing outside the “manifestation” wouldn’t make the individual eternal and completely free. From this point of view, an higher goal would be just that: going beyond existence and non existence; this would be the nirvana, pursued by priestly adepts, so to speak, while those of a warrior bent research a more dynamic condition about becoming Lord of the finite and infinite.