The Gifts of the Great King Paimon

This thread is dedicated to the Great King Paimon for his help and his continued assistance over the past year of my occult journey. He has aided me in its infancy and thus far has been the centerpoint of all my successful spellcasting (that did not “succeed” by blasting back into my face, for better or worse).

Recently, I suffered a horrid transaction which is still going through, and was not going to have a money-back guarantee honored. Furious, I meditated upon Paimon’s Enn (thank you female chanter from Satania). Feeling total and growing determination, I felt my Will rising and swelling against this… this insect that dared deceive and mistreat me! Immediately I felt Paimon’s might, his deep but silent pressure drawing close and I realized he was aware and listening and that my desperate need was drawing him nigh.

Now, in my experience, King Paimon is merciful, and very helpful unto those who truly are in great need. He also well responds to the righteous indignation and fury of one spurned or wronged by the Idiocy and Stupidity in the minds of others. Also is his office to thoroughly subjugate these minds unto the Magician’s will, as so rightly stated in the Goetia!

The effect was immediate. Within twenty minutes I was told the matter was to be resolved. It is still ongoing, but as I type I make a public resolution that it will succeed and all will be well. I have a severe weakness for doubting, born from a lifetime of all things possible going wrong for me and mine. But, thanks to Paimon, it will not be so this time, as it has not in others where he has intervened.

Now, having received such a startlingly quick response from Paimon, though I was suspecting he would work rapidly in this particular matter, I had to thank him! So that night evoked him. My procedure was to simply offer a prayer to the creator, in whose image I am, and ask the four angels of the watchtowers to protect my astral body and the room from all imposters, liars, tricksters, shells, miasmas and parasites. This I did after casting a circle. I infused the circle with my joy, and felt great power flow through my fingers while doing so, more than normal (and I make the circle each night, as my house has some kind of power spot or Astral crossroads in one room. There are hostile beings or parasites ever nearby).

Then, I lit two candles in the fireplace, behind the glass that often serves me for a scrying mirror (I’m still learning to do that), and set up the sigil of Paimon, along with some of the last incense oil of myrrh that I have.

I then opened his sigil while the candles blazed, and then put them out to scry. I felt him come well before the candles were out, but not quite enough. I tried dropping my presence through the layers of reality, a technique I’d begun last year in my infancy of magick, but had just not done since often for some reason. But this time I felt it, felt my awareness and some vestage of my spritiual body falling downward, moving toward Paimon’s energies, even as I chanted his Enn. Lenan Tasa Jeden Paimon." I might have actually been vibrating it, not sure.

Eventually, I felt his presence and tried to pull it into this realm. And together we were able to get him through. I then went to scry into the mirror. I don’t like scrying. My eyes cross or start searching about quite of their own voalition. I’ve been warned this is a sign of tiredness. and it is true. But there’s no helping that half the time. And the fireplace screen has a divided glass, so there’s a white line in the scrying mirror, or mirrors, rather. It is always a trouble to work with.

Until that moment.

It was like the screen had become a true solid black. Instinctively, or at Paimon’s prodding, and moved backward to the center of the room, to the center of the circle. And then I beheld the scrying mirror as if it were whole! I don’t remember the white line being there! It was line Paimon had fused the glass together for my sake in that moment. Immediately, very faint but still clearly visible blue motes appeared, disappearing soon as they came. Then nothing, for a while. I didn’t give up, for I felt his presence, but was unsure whether I should “imagine” him there, or wait for something.

I’m going to rant for a moment. True clairvoyance is not imagining something for a spirit, or hearing a voice you think is there, for clairaudience. I’ve seen entities in full physical Materialization, opening doors and walking out of closets, or even sitting on me and in some cases trying to choke me. And I have often heard their voices quite audibly in the ear. The act, therefore, of imagining or envisioning something in a mirror is perhaps a form of scrying, but it is not a true vision or actual link.

It can still become something substantial, even so. It IS still magick, and clair-sensory power, just a very weakened, less pronounced form than true clairs. Oh, how I yearn for those, as many of us do!

Well, nothing happened. I felt Paimon there, but could see nothing.

Then suddenly a company of blue men on blue horses galloped across part of the mirror. I stared, disbelieving. Then suddenly figures began arriving, an whole parade as like like in Disney’s Alladdin, and I heard something… trumpets! Yes, actual voices and distant music. But it was not the kind I’d expect from a parade or managerie, it was something else, more… deep, hallow, resonant, stately.

And then the two kings, whose names I am ashamed not to recall, were shown, or at least they seemed greater than many of the figures in beheld. And there were women in Arabic garb, with feathers and linen, and men with curved glaives. And, at last, approaching from the darkness, upon his regal and exceedingly gigantic camel, which was bigger than any elephant and far thicker bout the neck, like a giant among mammels, rode the King himself!

It was honestly jaw-dropping. It was not quite a full clairvoyant vision, but it was absolutely clear enough and all the figures were moving of their own accord, and at their own discretion. I was being given a performance as a courtesy to the gratitude this evocation represented. But the King himself was most impressive, and his sigil blazed in blue fire before his brow and turban.

Then, as is the case with the scrying mirror for me, the visions constantly shifted. Such that I was looking sometimes at the whole group (the kings bowed to the right and left of Paimon, and most of the people disappeared or reappeared at my discretion. Some were imagined I think, others were trying to polity reveal themselves as Paimon clearly ordered, but also stay out of their King’s way so I wasn’t distracted by the pomp. Hard to do. I was gawking.

Anyway, there were clearly spirits around the room. I did sense them, but it is the kind of subconscious sense that comes from ritual where you know, you just… don’t think it worth reacting to. (When half the time the whole POINT is getting the clairaudiance, no pun intended).

So, Paimon was there. But then, for reasons I don’t recall, I glanced through the great arches leading from my ritual place to the next room. And there, toward the west, stood the full body of King Paimon! It was a holographic “ghost”, an impression image that was there one moment, but not the next. However, it was distinct, and I did not subconsciously summon it, and it, as always with Real entities, in my experience, didn’t fade the instant I willed the “imaginary image” to fade. It statyed. Then I knew that Paimon had come. His robes were long, but… I can’t really describe clothing, forgive me. But they were quite Middle Eastern, and yet not. I get the sense of something African maybe, from a culture or time we know nothing of. Either way, he did have something like wrist-bands I think, but his sleaves were long and hung down (yet were tight about certain points, giving a smart, crisp, poised impression). And he had curled slippers, or something similar. I cannot quite remember. There was also a sense of good will from him, but also expectation. I wasn’t to focus on the vision, but on the mirror.

I didn’t see Paimon very clearly in the mirror, or for long. He would fade in and out and when he was in it was almost imagined, like everything else, but definitely moving at times of its own accord.

Our conversation was clear at the time, but I was exhausted, it was late, and I cannot piece it together quite right. But we discussed the reason for the evocation, and I said I would provide him with a cookie next time, perhaps. I also mentioned something about lucid dreaming in order to talk to him. So far, with the goetic spirits, only Focalor has done this. then I finished the evocation and gave Paimon permission to depart, or he could stay for the lucid dream, or if it please him leave familiars here with me, to guard me from parasites or such, if he felt like it.

Then Paimon said he was pleased with his gift, and that he was going to give me a gift. But I dismissed his words and assumed I misheard him.

After he left, I lay his sigil down and went to bed there, peforming my 90 day Deep Breathing routine. (Now that’s another topic, and one of successes and frustrations both). When I first closed my eyes, a powerful vision of blue and yellow light was beheld there. It was stunning. I didn’t know what to make of it. But I held on determined to Deep breathe and be to bed. It was almost 12:30 at night.

Several minutes later, a radiant vision of blue and I think maybe green appeared, and a figure in bronze skin, a distinctly Hindu deity figure, with helmet and at least six arms, was in the center of the light. They smiled benevolently, and though they wielded swords I knew this being offered me no malice. In fact, he had a comforting presence. I felt him come to kneel beside me on my left, and stretch out his hand. Then I lost the vision (it kept going in and out while I deep breathed).

I asked him who he was and if he was a Familiar of Paimon. He said yes, and his name was (I cannot recall it, and I will not share it for fear he would be displeased). But I almost caught it, or think I did. I asked why he was there. And he said for me to touch his hand. I did. And he dropped something into it, or in it. I asked what it was, and he said it was my gift! I recalled Paimon’s words, that he was going to give me a gift, surprised.

Then, about ten minutes later when the breathing session was nearing its final minutes, another figure appeared. She was only half revealed from the neck and shoulders up, the rest of her covered in a glowing robe of green and turquoise light. She had a very distinct crown almost like blazing rays of the sun passing through clouds. And her face was a rich and perfectly smooth aquamarine.

She spred her hands benevolently, and I felt great peace and a little, hush kind of joy from her. The blessing of certain sleep I think. But the image faded extremely fast, and though I asked her name, the image and voice cut off too instantly for me to get her reply, and it didn’t return. I did get the impression she was there to do as the other spirit was. I can’t recall if it was her words her his, but the phrase was distinctly “to make sure you receive your gift”.

That night, I lucid dreamed, at last! I was in the kitchen, realized where I was, and that the male spirit was beside me, but invisible. I past through the window and went to the fencing, and tried to pass through its metal. That hurt, and I had trouble doing it. The spirit spoke to me and I asked why I was having trouble, and if it was possible to pass through metal. He said it was, and that it would get easier. “How long?” I asked, and he said, “about 50 times and then you can do it.”

When I woke up not long after, a powerful vibration gripped me, and I panicked. I couldn’t look behind me, though I felt a presence there, so I thought. And it was difficult to move. I demanded of the presence that it give me its name, and asked if it was ****, the male Hindu spirit, but got no response. It didn’t quite feel like him, but didn’t not feel like him.

Later, I dreamed again, and I will describe the details, as they are impossible to recall fully. It was a rich and detailed dream. I could literally write a book (as I often can with my vivid story-driven dreams), about the faces and characters. Suffice to say it was a familiar astral landscape, I think, but a war-torn place. and there were advanced green battleships in the air, and soldiers hunting for their immigrant countrymen, to enslave to their service.

this dream, I feel, was the doing of the green woman. It ended well, from what I recall, though the exact purpose of the dream now eludes me. There seemed to be forgotten segments that were important enough to warrent my attention.

The lucidity was definitely a gift from Paimon. But upon waking in the morning, I realized that I hadn’t been dreaming, but had begun to astral project! That is why passing through the metal hurt. I also now think that, when I woke up and felt the vibrations, that one of two things were happening:

1: I was actually in a semi-projected stated where part of me was trying to travel or being pulled out to do so (I think maybe **** may have been attempting to keep my aetheric body outside so we could continue training, and my stubborn astral body just wasn’t going to tolerate it, and I was too out of it and confused about what was happening to realize I was in a state of projection.

Or two… which is honestly more likely.

2: that a parasite or local hostile entity, of which have always been attacking me since infancy, was doing so that very moment. The act of its attack had knocked me out of my Lucid Dream/Aetheric Projection training with *****. Likely as a mechanism of my body to project itself. **** was guarding me, and so moved to fight the entity, and thus I found myself half-out of the body, experiencing part of the astral combat. but either the good Familiar of Paimon, or the entity, was basically keeping me restrained and unable to turn around to look at the fight, and intervene, or get fully back into my body and escape harm.

The knowledge from analyzing this was Paimon’s second, and honestly greater gift to me. It has confirmed for me what I now know, but always suspected. that I CANNOT Astral project normally. I did it on my first try back in May 2021. It was done without any fear. Then, a black entity like curling ink in water, appeared and tried to reach for me. I was not afraid, being used to such creatures attacking me in dreams and awake, and thus was eager to fight back… or confront the thing in its own realm!

but then, a barrier of oily tinted energy formed around me, electrocuting my hand extremely painfully, and that of the entity. I was forced back into my body. I projected again minutes later, but the barrier was there and I only got my right arm up and was shocked awake again. Ever sense, whenever trying to project, or just fall asleep, I experience a sometimes mild, sometimes powerful shock… I cannot project. It is simply impossible, and as time’s gone on, I’ve realized I cannot seem to sleep while on my back. I must be on my side.

When I was awakened to the vibrations after my astral projection gift with King Paimon’s Familiar *****, I was lying on my side…

Now, what I have learend is that basically Paimon had to intervene to allow me to consciously astral project. I suffer from insomnia. And now it is becoming clear this is because everyone projects while sleeping, even if they don’t know it. But since I cannot easily do so, for reasons I still don’t know, on my back, I thus cannot actually fall asleep!

Muslim Suphism, I think it is called, basically says that we are trapped in our bodies by God, or something evil, and are not allowed to make conscious projections. That we have a thing, a Shadow-self, called the Pah’rim, or something (can’t tell if I am spelling it right), that basically is our prison warden and stops those of us who are close to Ascension from getting out while alive, and thus escaping this Creation. My current suspicion is that the Creator is either indifferent, or dead, or else broken like light through crystal into the individual “colors”, that are our individual souls. This creation was or is a nursery or training ground. But one where the caretaker has gone missing, or something has gone horribly wrong, with parasites now sustaining it as an engine or farm of souls.

Rudolf Steiner, I need to read his works perhaps, because he spoke of similar experiences. And I know a man who has clairvoyant experiences often who says he has awakened Kundalini, but cannot project. And cannot lucid dream. Instead, he appears to find himself in this zigg-zagging stair case, running from “Catchers” who put him back in his body. Sometimes he is in a library, desperately searching for “something” he can’t recall, but knows that he must find it, and is being attacked by beings who know he “must not get” what he’s searching for.

Clearly, a field is about me, in the atheric realm, that prevents my travel on this place out of body. I can get directly to higher vibrations and thus the Astral, but not while sleeping. I’ve had a couple successes, but all end rapidly, and I often can’t even manage to fly. The first attemt was frightening, as my body looked black and ghostly like the evil entity, though more substantial, like I had more meat…

My physical body suffers from chronic disease due to sensitivity to electronic forces. But now I suspect that maybe whatever is happening to me spiritually, is what CAUSES the physical sensitivity to Wi-Fi and other electrical power.

Now, this gift of knowledge through experience Paimon gave has been so satisfying. So many told me it was my own fault for not being able to project. They would dismiss my claims of immediate success with projection as beginner’s luck, and then shrug in their ignorance regarding the bizarre prison field around me. (I am 90% sure the prison is actually just my orgone device when it was full-powered. It had lots of “protection” herbs in it, and it improved my physical health in ways I would call near-miraculous. I could build muscle and lose body fat for the first time in my entire life, without fealing like I was literally dying! But it also blocks all in-coming and out-going aetheric traffic… that rosemary oil, people, it got power in it. Don’t disrespect the herbs! Even Andras respects rosemary. 0 _ 0 )

So, the orgone aside, I still have a major problem. Something, or somebodies, are damaging my aetheric form. It is so bad that Paimon had to directly intervene and send strong familiars, not one, but two, to assist. The first was there to give the gift, but the other was there to ensure I received it, meaning that it was not enough to simply grant me the projection, but to actually have someone there to ensure I “received” it. Meaning something outside could interfere and take it…

I plan to evoke Focalor or Vine again soon regarding defences, to clear out the unwanted or to erect walls guarding me. The LBRP is not… it is helping, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I frankly can’t help but laugh at the hexagram banishing, or something crazy complex like the Opening by Watchtower. Has anyone seriously ever gotten any benefit from those two rituals? I cannot help but find them ridiculous, frankly, and impracticable to memorize. It seems silly. I mention them here, because my evocations with Paimon are not done. I have another story to tell regarding a couple days ago, after my so successful thanksgiving ritual to the Great King, and how it went so BAD, compared to the humble, simple evocation, specifically BECAUSE I followed the strict advice and requirements of the Golden Dawn stuff.

Anyway, those are the gifts and revelations that the Great King Paimon, may he recieve ever more wealth, fame and influence, gave unto me. And I share my extrapolations regarding Astral Travel, because I am frankly desperate for help, mostly knowledge. And while so many on many forums (I was so discouraged as to not mention it here but once), have been anything but helpful, the Great King was, and is willing to aid me in my ongoing war to escape this clay!

So I do ask any who would like, share their experiences with the Great King, and to do honor to his name, and also to discuss if you like, what you think of his gifts and my observations on my aetheric projection troubles, and what the cause is, and what the nature of the remedy is (sleeping on the side is part of it), and what these dark entities are.

I’m becoming suspicious that maybe my problem is related to Fae/djinn like creatures. I have native American blood in me, and know nothing of their magick. I know well how much they have suffered cultural and physical genocide. I do not think at all any TRUE, really powerful American Indian magick is found anywhere but in the minds of those who practice it. Too much has been stolen from them. But my point is that folk entities, like the Voudoun, Djinn and Fae seem extraordinarily resistant to all forms of spiritual banishings. And whatever I have that tries to torment or harass me, is not much afraid of weakening old orgone or LBRPs. they help, but they are not enough. Even Paimon’s familiar had trouble with them, it seems…

I should note that where I used to sleep, these spirits truly did come in the incarnate flesh. They would knock things over by accident, and even recently my mother and I were hearing a bumping, of something heavily hitting the floor, in an abandoned room in the house. and it would move about. She had to pray against it and banish it to make it leave, and even she felt there was something… different there. So there is a major power here that allows for spiritual incarnation! That could be so useful if I could tap into it.

But I digress a little.

Hail, King Paimon!