The Fourth Pentacle of the Moon Experience

Hello all, recently I consecrated the Fourth Pentacle of the Moon. Using methods I devised from experience as well as the book Visualisation Magick by Machanbel (link in post) and it is working in a truly fantastic manner.

My experience so far has been this through using the Fourth Pentacle of the Moon which is to ward off any form of evil sorcery as well as procure knowledge hidden to one on any subject through it’s power. (Bestowed by Sophiel who is invoked when making the Pentacle, doesn’t matter if you can’t see the angel you will for a fact feel it’s presence.) I managed to obtain hidden information on how to make other traditional Pentacles more powerful. This has aided me in constructing other Pentacles, which I use and are producing results :slight_smile: By nature, I am also an entrepreneur designing innovative products for the global market and I received a full design for a certain product I am creating as well as being nudged to research certain techniques to pioneer the creation of such product. Which I am not ready to disclose.

The way this was revealed to me via working with this Pentacle is as follows, a voice or nudge. This voice is distinguishable from one’s own thoughts. Working with this Pentacle I also recieved images in my mind related to what I inquired about. I recieved and saw a full, clear image of a specific design in my mind as well as the technology behind it to make it work which I am happy to say is so simple that the fact it hasn’t been put into action yet is mindblowing.

If anyone wants to replicate what I have done see this Book:

Hopefully you try and make these it will make your quarantine more interesting.