The Fourth Pentacle of Mercury

Hello I am new to magick and have done a fair amount of reading on Solomonic pentacles. They are all very beautifully drawn but the fourth pentacle of mercury catches my eye the most and I feel very attracted to it.

How would one go about a using the fourth pentacle of mercury for a spell? Any help is appreciated.

You would charge it appropriately. I recommend the book The Magical Talismans of King Solomon by Baal Kadmon. He provides a simplified ritual for doing so.


Will working with Solomonic pentacles corrupt any work I do with demonic invocation?

No,. the pentacles are planetary in nature, and as such, will not interfere.

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I print the talisman out, draw around it, scry into it for a bit knowing what its for. Then I cleans it by imagining my breath is blessing and blowing away negative energy or you can use sage etc. I then hold in my hands and pull down power from above, below and all around into my as I vase breath in, hold and project out through my arms to my hands holding talisman. Keep doing this while holding intention of what it does from description and seeing it in your mind glowing with divine light. Then take it, light incense and a candle corresponding to planet colour so yellow I believe for Mercury. I then scry into it like a sigil to open it while seeing it glowing and knowing what I want to use it for as being done now already because the seal has the power to grant it and has done so by using it. Then I place my middle finger and index finger from both hands on each side of talisman and project energy again going into it and imagine what I want strongly as I do so and that intent projecting into it through my power. Then call the angels of the talisman, psalm etc and then yea its all done. Or simply call on the angels generically like

Oh mighty angels and spirits of this talisman
who is of the mighty king Solomon
and who are subject to the mighty king Solomon
Awaken and come forth to my calling
Angels and spirits of this talisman, I call you forth
cast forth your power to grant forth my desire
Grant your mighty power through the divine power of this talisman to bring forth my desire.
Through your power upon this talisman of mighty angels and spirits of this talisman and the power and authority of IAO, EL, ELOHIM you have granted my desire
I thank you

let the candle and incense burn safely or as much as possible and then take it with you wherever you go or place on your altar and gaze at it every so often etc.

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