The four kings of Goetia help


I red the Lemegeton and it does not explain how the four kings (Ziminiar or Zymymar, Amaymon, Corson and Gaap) that rule the 72 spirits could be summoned. Please, Can you help me to understand it?.

AMAYMON, King of the East; CORSON, King of the West; ZIMINAR, King of the North; and GAAP, King of the South. These may be bound from 9 A.M. till noon, but, except on occasions of great importance, should not be invoked themselves, as they act commonly by their inferiors.

I found this in the “Book Of Black Magic And Of Pacts” of 1910 by Arthur Edward Waite.

Thanks in advance.

It says right in the part of the book you quoted that they should not be invoked themselves. That is why no way to summon them is given in the book.

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Ok, Thanks!.