The Fool's Path

So this is just something I felt like sharing that I read and have been practicing as of recently…

There are multiple paths you can choose in every aspect of life and only one of them leads to your “glory” as you want it to be but it may not be what you are expecting. You are looking too closely for signs instead of listening to what is being said.

Many people want to dive in and act like they know everything and become their “God” that they think they are. How can you be “God” with no knowledge of what you are actually doing?

[I’m sure some members of this forum will come to talk trash on this post but I’m going to go deeper for all of you naysayers real quick and prove some things you might wanna stop judging yourselves.]

The Ritual

You want to practice magick and you want to be a “living God” but you didn’t take the first step and research your outcome. You simply put your thought to the universe through ritual and hoped someone answered. When do you start to realize you are not solely in a singular plane of existence? You will make many choices and your mind will never be what you perceive it to be if you continue to perceive it to be what you want it to be in the now.

Peering into the future, things will begin to change when you start to peer into the future of your rituals. Things do not always need to make sense but the guiding path will always be there if you listen to what you are being shown.

Healing Mind

You cannot command reality if you sit in your conscious mind.

Leaving The Shell

I shouldn’t say everyone but an overwhelming majority of people practicing magick want to look into this as a goal to obtain material wealth, power over men / women, manifestation of your goals… but never actually sits back and lets their mind disappear.

You can always think and will something into existence but it will never be what the you now perceives it as.

Welcome To The Rabbit Hole

I’ll end this here… before I go too far down the matrix.

People need to stop thinking what will happen in their goals and manifestations through self and take the time to become what they’ve always been meant to be. You speak of “Godforms.” I speak of your real reality.


The reality of ritual and your hopes of future success are sometimes far different than what really happens. Many need to be realistic in there occult goals and aspirations.

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I wholeheartedly agree and I’m learning it more and more daily.

Thanks… What’s realistic? What you clarify wanting for yourself, and what you dare to go after.