The Flames are Green

Does anyone know why a flame would be green?



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The presence of copper can turn a flame green, scientifically speaking.


Greek fire was green in lore, in reality I’m unsure.

Green fire is also associated with Archangel Raphael.


Recently I made a burnt offering (sigil written in blue on some notepad paper) to one of my servitors and the flames turned green when they hit the ink.

Probably something in the ink if you used a pen, or something printed out. 🤷

What kind of flames are we talking about and under what circumstances?



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Could just be the color of the flame (if you’re referring to it on a spiritual level not physical).

I was playing with my “Astral” Flames the other day and they changed colors

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There are many different colors of the flames can even be white or pure black or the glowing black reason is a lot more of reasons than 1

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No idea. I tried something with hellfire a few weeks ago and felt like I was just burning up inside and out (when seriously angry or irritated at something, my rage takes me to the point of just trembling and shaking with anger/hate like my heart felt like it was literally on fire, like every anxious heartbeat during that panic attack, rage quaking the floors beneath, was just pounding with the unhealthy and unresolved anger I’d simply held onto for too long).
Maybe it was just burning up all the unhealthy associations I’d come to make throughout my life, all of which ultimately led to some very warped perceptions about everything (slowly regaining some memory actually), especially when it came to love and relationships and color (simple sounding things but still), unhealthy associations with dealing with anger/rage/hate specifically I think.
Anyways the fire felt like it burned through a lot of bullshit that was clouding my perception and exasperating an already confusing situation, burned away what was inconsistent and/or inauthentic to me and my personal spiritual path (whatever that is now), leaving behind just what was best for continuing my path spiritually.
Now just working on honoring the recent lessons (the hospital all feels like one really weird dream and I woke up thinking I was 36 in Mexico or something haha) so that I can return to my “authentic personal path” whatever it is and move forward in consistence with all the lessons.
At one point the flame seemed to turn to green, like a reminder to go back to plant stuff.