The Fall of the NWO and & Eternal Rise of the Human Race

Greetings, dear all -

(part one- clearing the path to Eden on Earth)

All those crave justice and wish to explore the destructive power of the Righteous Wrath of God…;
I salute you!

The globe needs your help,
if we want to one day breathe fresh air and find the ultimate peace we all truly seek inside as living beings of this planet.

As well all know, the only peace we will find is when this planet will truly be livable, and devoid of any treats to the existence of the human race at large…;

Not only do I seek to regenerate the earth and am already actively engaged in doing so,
I am also very much, as many of you actively exposing the scum of the earth, (NWO - destroyers of the human dream) and make sure that those people get what come to them…

We need to deal with this planetary treat, at large and be effective at it - and you have all the right to - this is your earth, Gaia is your home, Gaia is the one that cares for you, and she needs to be alleviated from her suffering and torment. Lay her fate in no other hands than your own, so is our responsibility as a soul. Regardless of the efforts of another. Her thriving, and the fate of the good people loving that want to stand up for her and WANT so desperately to live in peace and harmony with her, need to be helped to get rid of what suffocates her and them, and ultimately US.

Claim what was yours, o Sister and Brothers, you who are all Gaians now.
Stand together with me as, and express yourselves in most Absolute, most clear, most total in intent and expression… Be as archetypes, be as symbols of how things could be, defenders of the earth…;

What greater opportunity than now to ride the Winds of Glory,
all together as a Legion, and Army and claim what has been…

We are Cosmic Warriors, and none shall put our planet it demise…;

Give them all divine retribution…

We who deep inside are loving all the good things of life…;
if we want to make it to our ideal planet we can… We have the power to deal with all the threats…every single one of them and be absolutely victorious…;

Personal victories are great…let’s ride the storms…
Keep it Cosmic in all you do …;


Hi there Eva, I would love to ask you if you could help me with checking out in this post if I am in line with the forum rules if you please?

By the power of Godhood within, you are more powerful than any enemy ov Life in all of existence!

We came here to live all as equals, in mutual respect and in respect for life - There are enslavers of the human race at large that actively do not and choose not for these things quite the opposite though…

Who will you let rule over you, your own godhood within - your very own birthright or anything else- for true freedom only comes when there is no more compromise with your true Self which is godhood within. Yet the world at large needs to shine brighter too…;and it only will through us. If you are a human being, you already are at the frontline - and did didn’t come to hide behind other humans, or other instances in this world, how else would be truly be free and liberated from fear and truly have confidence…, also in our survival as a race in this Cosmos?

-Some time ago I had a dream about Adamus Saint Germain,
pointing out to me that, I should aim at ‘heads’ of organisations, who sometimes even are hidden, to make the rest collapse, those who didn’t want to be in it because they didn’t want to…;

Since I can’t name people and organisations.
I’ll put it this way, the vatican openly wants to have the integration of a new world order banking system, and that’s just one of them. Trump and Putin are actively working together behind the scenes to obliterate those NWO people/beings, and they too could need our help, in the sense that we would ‘fight off the hordes…’

Many kings, queens and princes, politicians all across the planet are not what they seem…;

I’d like to expose the shizznit out of NWO heads and help give humanity at large the means to pulverize them - not all are human, some are reptilian, not all reptilians in it want to be in it and are killed themselves by other reptilians so I’d love to ask if you can help to expose everyone in it that are the heads, hidden heads and have the reaping what they have sown, to pass on a very clear message…

They have killed, murdered, massacred, raped, plundered, manipulated humanity at large,
and have done everything as vile as you can imagine it to the human race and are keeping doing it- that- without any degree of holding back on any level of vice imaginable.

So it’s time we teach them a lesson, and bring out a very clear and permanent message RESPECT the value of life at large - even if they they have to reincarnate on other planets to learn these lessons from lesson 1.

I want to ask you to bring in your most utter destruction of vice…; to rid the world at large of it…;

I’d also like to dedicate this message to those that do snuff movies on the dark web in exchange for money, who are hiding yet never got caught…;

Please give those guys some very special attention too…; for they do not give a fuck about the value of human life either…;

This is your opportunity to test your godlike powers of good reasons…;

The plans of these illuminati members are to exterminate, obliterate the human race turning humanity against itself, and it’s been going on since the beginning of the existence of the human race on this planet…so

I ask you to please unleash your most absolute wrath to get rid of this scourge for once and for all…;

There are reports of malevolent reptilians everywhere…
(not all are evil intended so please only do focus on those that are)
that are in positions of power, friends of mine have acquaintences that have reported of them literally being present, and haivng taken control over almost all aspects of society -and are using humans in their plans…

So it’s either us or we- they want us dead, not just maybe- they just do, fully and are
killing via all ways they can…look at the earth- and all of the vice on it in all it’s forms…
you can trace it all back to them, also keeping the causes of it alive, too, while all of it is unnecessairy for us to experience.

Liberate tutamet ex inferis! If you want freedom, it’s up to you yourself above all to take up your swords, shields, and spears…and smah, for once and for all…

Ye are gods and meant to live as gods on this planet… not shackled under anything or by anyone whatsoever! Free yourselves - let’s free ourselves, completely, totally, absolutely, and Rise in flames of pure and most absolute unbeatable power, the absolute power of godhood within! I am with you, I’ll be seeing you, where you’ll see me…riding the storms ov Fire and Thunder…; Let’s Ride and grow in giving it our absolute all, and truly get to know ourselves like never before in the art of Magick…;

The post looks fine, if you want to name specific people or umbrella orgs, then people will need to discuss that outside the public forum. :+1:

“All child abusing priests” (for example) is an okay target - Father NN. of N-town, is not.

Working to get them to reveal themselves or be revealed is also fine, provided they’re not named on the public forum, before or after.

Personally I support the overall principle, my reply here is solely with regard to forum rules.

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thanks dear Eva - :slight_smile: I would love to ask you, if you would have suggestions of references I could use for umbrella organizations? :slight_smile: what is your idea on those that wish to utter the ‘new world order’ ? :slight_smile: thanks for your reply :wink:

Best ask spirits for guidance there, and then compare that against their observable effect on the world and their various social programs.

Aw I assume you mean during the ritual?
ah :slight_smile: hehe I mean on the forum to stay within the forum rules :slight_smile:

Dude, I think you put this thread in the wrong section. This is baneful section. :worried:

Thanks for your reply @Goku
It is exactly what I ultimately wish to point out to - beside exposure,
I mean unleashing and growing more left hand aspects of the God-Mind archetypes.

Left hand people will want to harm mother earth, instead of saving it. Don’t you think so.

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In short, no. We have to live here too.

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How are you any different than those you oppose? You both do your will and end up subjugating others to your will. The rules might change and the players but the game remains the same.

You are better off looking after you and yours and working to make things better for yourself in your part of the world and let others do as they will. World orders rise and fall and become subject to those stronger than them taking control of their own lives and regions. Trying to save a collective always ends in failure without exception. That is my advice on this matter.