The Fae and dwarves

Can someone please help me understand what the Fae and dwarves can do for you in magick with both Black and White works?

Dwarves are a form of fae, the fae are a lot of different kind of entities, fae aren’t dark or light work, while there are dark fae and light fae, their overall ties are nature. However, they each have their individual works, some fae help in nature related magick, some help in baneful magick, some help in learning to heal through the earth, etc.

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Fairies must have a dark purpose and a light purpose.

Not at all, there’s no “must” have on anything, the seelie court fae represent summer and spring, they are not actually light, they just represent the sunny seasons and unseelie court represent the dark seasons, winter and fall. Their purpose is whatever they individually choose. Not everything has a ingrained purpose that has to do with a manmade idea of light and dark. However these four courts are more aligned with the celtic fae, the african fae known as Aziza are usually represented by fire or other natural elements, they don’t fall into the concept of light and dark either, same with other culture’s fae, they do what they want when they want.